Western Lakes State discusses education challenges

By: Mabor Riak Magok

Stakeholders in Western Lakes on Friday gathered in Rumbek to discuss challenges facing education in the area.

The round-table discussion brought together over 40 delegates from different groups including civil society, teachers, parents and government officials in Western Lakes State.

In an interview with Juba Monitor, Manyang Auror Yuol a Director in the Ministry of Labour and Public Service in Western Lakes State said the forum in Rumbek focused on enhancing education in the state.

“We observed that salary being received by teachers is not enough and some additional money needs to be added. Another cause of low performances in the school is lack of science and mathematics teachers and rampant insecurity in Western Lakes State which cannot allow qualified teachers to go to remote areas,” Aruor said.

He said there was also lack of commitment by the parents to support their children in the school, adding that parents were supposed to take the responsibility of their children by paying their school fees and other basic needs.

“If you ask the students to write a formal letter he cannot do it which is quite different with the students who were studying in the bush during the liberation war of struggle. The students who were studying under trees in the bush during the liberation war could write formal letters even without text books,” Aruor said.

Majak Cholic Aleyou, one of the facilitators said the training was focusing on the challenges facing schools, teachers and students in Western Lakes State.

Majak said there were many challenges but lack of professional teachers was one the main challenges facing the state.

“In both primary and secondary schools, most students complete their studies without doing practicals. It t is an opportunity for the government to provide apparatus to the students in the Country so that the students who are studying science subjects can do practical,’ Majak stressed.

He said intra-communal revenge killings and attacks were among the challenges facing education in the Western Lakes state, adding most students were involved in communal attacks instead of studies.

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