Western Lakes State announces Secondary school results

By Mabor Riak Magok

Western Lakes State Ministry of Education announced results of last academic year’s secondary school exams on Wednesday.

In the result, seven students from Savannah High School were ranked in the top ten of South Sudan Secondary School exams results in 2017.

According to the State Ministry of Education Mr. Petro Thon Anyiel of Savannah leads the State with 87.5% while Mr. John Ayew Makender of Rumbek National Secondary School with 86.8%.

The State Minister of Education, Dut Makoi Kuok says among top ten best performing students, two are girls from Savannah and Loreto Secondary Schools.

Makoi said despite the level of insecurity and instability in Western Lakes State which has disrupted learning, the students were able to perform. However, the general level of performance has dropped from 95 to 78 percent compared to the previous years.

The minister urges parents to give their daughters a chance of reading when they are preparing to sit for national examinations in the schools instead of limiting them to doing domestic chores.

According to the minister, the number of girls are few in the best performing students because they are always kept busy at homes without studying.

Makoi says out of 805 students who registered to sit, 37 did not sit the exams without clear reasons.

He said he has also complained to the National Ministry of General Education and Instructions about some students who passed five subjects with 53% but were said to have failed


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