Western Equatoria State forms committee against coronavirus

By Wek Atak

The Government and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Mundri County have reiterated their commitment to work together to prevent any possible spread of Coronavirus.

The NGOs and the state government formed a state led task force Committee on coronavirus in Mundri on Friday.

According to Benjamin Commander Gayos, the administrator of former Amadi State who is also the chairperson of the committee, the committee formed three sub-committees which include Mobilization, Case management and logistics sub-committees.

The committee would be meeting twice a week and then report to the task force every Friday.

He said state government had also implemented the presidential order by closing all the entry points connecting the state with Congo through Bangolo and Yei.

“We have closed it and we have restricted people from using the road and we are going to put that place a checking point,” says Benjamin.

He also urged citizens to comply with the curfew imposed by the President and advised the citizens to avoid unnecessary movement at night.

“That way we shall be able to implement the order from President Salva Kiir Mayardit in proper manner and also prevent the entry of this deadly disease,” he added.

Last weekend government banned shops selling non-food items and luxurious goods due to the pandemic.

The 7th High Level meeting was focusing on the reorganization of markets and public transport systems among others as the country gears towards controlling the outbreak of coronavirus

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