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WES Gov’t to donate 20 bikes to chiefs and women desk

Pictorial of sample bikes to be donated

By Bida Elly David

Western Equatoria State Government yesterday has made a pledge to bestow at least 20 motorbikes to County chiefs and women desk to permit them to ease movement towards facilitating County’s activities.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, the press secretary in the office of Western Equatoria State Governor Alex Didi stressed out that the pledge came from the office of the governor after realising that there were so many matters being delayed due to transport shortages.

He said that the motor cycles would play bigger roles towards reaching the administrators to their various destinations through which some of the concerned matters would be addressed

‘’The office of the governor decided to donate 20 bikes after noticing that some Counties face series of predicaments meant to be resolved but due to the distance, some administrators could not manage to reach some areas’’ Alex stressed

However, Alex pointed out that the motor bikes shall be allocated equally to both the chiefs and the women desk where each shall receive 10 bikes accordingly.

‘’The 20 bikes shall be allocated equally to both women and the chiefs then which each group shall take 10 to facilitate their transportation to their areas of activities’’

At the same juncture, he urged the domiciles of Western Equatoria State to work towards achieving permanent peace in the State.

‘’I call upon the citizens of Western Equatoria State to work towards achieving everlasting peace in the State and South Sudan at large’’ Alex lamented

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