Editorial 3rd June 2018

Shortage of fuel in the country could be a thing of the past if support and cooperation was provided to the recently inaugurated Trinity Energy deport at Nesitu. The project by local entrepreneurs is meant to easy the flow and supply of fuel in almost all parts of the country. In the past there had been a lot of rush and the only alternative has and continue to be state owned Nilepet which is subsidizing their rates to the general public. Other private owned firms and importers have had a field day by overcharging consumers until recently the government came out strongly against black-market dealers. The crack-down which equally targeted homes and private buildings which were being used as storage for fuel has reduced the queues which were becoming an eye-sore to motorists and the general public. Private players like Trinity Energy should be encouraged and supported to help the government ensure effective delivery of fuel services in all parts of the country. It is encouraging to hear from the management of the new Trinity Energy that they intend to load 200 tankers weekly to supply fuel in different parts of the country. This will remain a blessing to many as most production of both industrial and domestic needs are done through the use of fuel. It will be of notable importance if the artificial or forced shortage does not repeat itself on the consumers. The investment by Trinity is to boost up in underlining the government’s programme of fuel sufficiency in every part of the country. The line ministries and government departments have been working on the programme to ensure the shortages which were being created by few individuals did not happen. Because at the end, it is the common-man who will bear the heat. Many players should come out and make fuel sufficiency a reality as the authorities look towards power generation to supplement the use of fuel.


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