Agustino Jadalla Wani the Jubek Governor has shown that he is in charge of the jurisdiction which includes the capital city Juba. When gunshots were the order of the day and night. When people were living under fear of thugs and unknown gunmen were terrorizing and making life impossible in the City and its suburbs. He woke up and personally led a team of security personnel in day and night operations that has turned most places into peaceful habitation. He personally made it clear that he would not rest until robberies, wanton killings, harassment of residents and wayward behaviors were combed out of the State. At least notorious attacks which were common in areas like Kator and surroundings have reduced and residents can attest to this. We urge the Governor not to rest until all areas under his jurisdiction are seen to be enjoying peace with people going about their business without fear during the day and night. Residents can sleep without thinking of who is going to be the next victim of the thugs. May be the governor through his machineries has established among others who are involved and if so they should be brought to book for their crime. May be the Juba City Council can borrow a leaf from their boss and start clearing the town of stray dogs and heaps of garbage which are becoming an eyesore to the public. Actually, the garbage is stinking almost everywhere while dogs roam the streets in large number being a threat to the public. We have alerted the council before and repeating this again. Juba is the capital city of this country. It needs to be managed properly. We understand and know that the economic situation is not favoring the country, but this should not be an excuse not to perform some necessary callings for the sake of the general public. We hope the city fathers are not waiting for Agustino Jadalla Wani to show them the way. They must wake up and do their work.


Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo



Those who kneel before God can stand before anyone. This message was sent through my phone and l was asked to share it with our readers. The message does not quote the verse but it adds, that in all we do we can only be with God all the time of our life. Being a weekend it was important to be with our Lord God the creator of the universe. This was the only way to salvation and peaceful co-existence among all mankind. Human being is a funny animal with knowledge to decide what is good and what is wrong. We are told that we are the image of the creator. We represent the image of God that is what the Bible tells and as his creation, we can only walk with him to better our lives. We are in this topic because in our midst there are a number of things happening in our lives on daily basis. Some are good and some are bad, but in every situation we must learn to forgive and thank God. This world could be better if all of us had the fear of God in our hearts because we understand one another and can communicate to each other. As our mind wondered, there was this reference made by one man from the West the so called developed countries. Actually it was an insult to the entire continent. This man who happened to be representing an international institution thundered in one of the meeting that “Africa will remain begging for aid until God knows when”. “Even the children of our children.” Even our grandchildren’s grandchildren will find Africa still begging” I was not there but our usual friend and commoner be-spectacle read this somewhere and brought it to our attention. He was so furious that the man from the Whiteman’s land had left the country and if only he was still around, SaPT was not going to let it go without some explanation. SaPT who is somehow privileged to have been in this Whiteman’s land retorted that in that land there were worse beggars and street families. A number of people sleep in the alleys and dark corners. Although our situation is demanding the basic, theirs as complex as it is; equally worse for someone who portray a picture of holier than thou. Beggars or not, we are equal in the eyes of God and must always walk with the Almighty.


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