Welcome to Juba where nightly parties never stop

By Mandela Nelson Denis

Juba city is among the East African cities with good lifestyles.

Back in Juba despite the security check up by the security personnel’s to ensure safety of the people, party goers are used to those checking because of the urge to tongue some liquor and have fun.

Juba’s busiest streets include Hai-Thora, Atalabara, Tongping, Shirikat and Gumbo.

The most popular hangouts joint in Juba include Pyramid Hotel on Friday and Tulip Hotel where revelers party at the roof top with the clear view of Juba city and its surroundings.

Joints like Bedwin and Space Lounge are another hot joints booming with the so-called slay queens of Juba city.

People in Juba city work hard in the week days and party hard over the weekend as a way of refreshment.

The Taxi business is also booming to ensure that drank revelers are driven back home safely with just a call.

Juba Monitor spoke to one Taxi Driver who identified himself as David.

David said that he makes a lot of bucks from Friday, Saturday and Sunday because of the constant movement of party goers.

“Most fun lovers in Juba move according to bandwagon effect, friends influence friends to move from clubs to clubs seeking where there is fun and in this movements I make money,” said David.

The Juba Night life is also time for boda boda ridders to make extra money as they forego sleepless nights.

At Standard Bar in Munuki cars are parked on both sides of the road as the owners drink their favorite drinks and bite roasted pork.

And thanks to the National security for ensuring that Juba is safe and there is freedom of movement and enjoyment.

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