Welcome Mabuza and Dr. Machar to Juba

By: Anna Nimiriano

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome the Deputy President of South Africa, David Mabuza, Dr. Riek Machar, the  leader of Sudan People’s Liberation Movement in Opposition (SPLM-IO) and the Deputy Chairman of Sudan Sovereign Council Mohamed Hamdan Hemeti Dagalo and others who came to Juba for peace implementation. Your presence shows commitment and love for the people of South Sudan. As time is approaching for the formation of Transitional Government proposed in February 22nd, 2020, we need everything to be finalized early this month to give room for sustainable peace in the country.

The issues of boundaries and states amongst the outstanding matters need the two parties to agree upon them. The implementation of peace cannot be delayed with only two agenda which can be resolved by the two parties. I know each party needs its suggestions to be considered on the number of states but the people of South Sudan have their own.

During the greater Equatoria National Dialogue Conference, participants in the conference agreed that they need federal system of government which should be applied in three Religions, that is to say greater Upper Nile, greater Bahr El Ghazal and greater Equatoria. Each region should have 13 states equal to 39 states in the country.

If the government and SPLM-IO didn’t agree on the number of the states the above mentioned was the number of the states proposed by the people of South Sudan in three regions. We cannot waste time delaying the implementation of peace with two agenda which were suggested by the people of South Sudan. The presence of Deputy Chairman of Sudan Sovereign Council Mohamed Hamdan Hemeti in the talks is important to strengthen bilateral relationship between the two countries. His presence should help in the issue of boundaries since South Sudan and Sudan boundaries have not yet been finalized during the Independence in 2011 up to now.

South Sudan government has discussed the matter of boundaries for long time; still they didn’t come to the conclusion. They would learn from the experience of South Sudan to help them achieve sustainable peace in the country. Boundaries between states and others should be resolved by the local people in the areas, because they know better than people living in town. These two agenda should be finalized in the meetings where you are part of it. We don’t want other agenda to be put pending delaying the formation of transitional government.

On the other hand, the two parties should open new chapter and spirit of working together. What had gone wrong last years should be put right this year as many people predicted this year is a year of peace. No going back to conflict or to have misunderstanding again. Your presence in South Sudan is to bring lasting peace in the country.

 Many God bless us all.   

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