Welcome Dr. Machar and others for peace talks


Ann Nimiriano
Editor in Chief
Juba Monitor

I welcome Dr. Riek Machar, the leader of opposition party and everybody who came to participate in the peace talks in Juba. It is a historical event to the people of South Sudan to realize the actual peace in the country.  The mood of people in the country is the mood of peace.  It is not by surprise to have this moment, but time has come to have it. 

God has heard the prayers of people of South Sudan during those years of conflict.  Your presence in Juba as peace a marker shows, commitment, stability, unity and responsibility to lead the entire people to the Promised Land.

 People are counting days and remaining hours for 22nd of Feb, 2020 which is the coming Saturday. I can call it “a blessed Saturday” for the people of South Sudan. Faith groups in the country are to pray for the remaining two days.

Security arrangement and the issues of Ruweng Administrative Area Dr. Machar commented on it yesterday is to be handled with understanding between the two parties. People of South Sudan are to be calm and continue dancing to the tune of peace since many of them had predicted that “this year is a year of peace.” Their dreams have come true. Each and every body has a way of promoting peace. If you are in Juba or in the states, this peace is for you. Hold it with your whole heart for the remaining three days to come.  Peace means to open new chapter from now so that the two parties could work together in a peaceful manner. Mediators for peace talks are to do their parts in peaceful way.  Group of people who came from Rome with the resolutions of peace are to add the blessing of Pope in the talks who struggled to bring the two leaders together, started last year when he kissed the feet of the leaders in Vatican up to this time. Pope commitment to peace was love to the people of South Sudan, may God increase his age, so that He would continue helping country that has severe conflict in Africa and the world at large.

May God bless us all.

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