Welcome back from Easter Holidays

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Dear readers of Juba Monitor, I hope you had good celebrations of Easter in your respective churches. Many church leaders and government officials had issued Easter messages to the entire people of South Sudan, I wish the messages helped us to improve our way of worshipping and they will make us look like new people in our families, communities, and the country at large.

The prayers are also going to help our country gain new faith in leadership, reconcile and have a new spirit of doing work with their brothers and sisters who are going to put this country right. For those who had enough rest, it had given them the energy to work.

Normally people rejoice in Easter because it is the occasion of joy and happiness with the resurrection of Christ. I wish everything went better during those days of the Holidays, for the reason that I didn’t hear any major things happened with any Christian during the holidays.

It means our government managed to control the situation from the criminal activities so that people celebrate Easter in a good environment.

We need to have love of doing well for our country from the resurrection of Jesus Christ, we have to learn how to live as good Christians in the country, in families, and in the communities. It was an important celebration in the life of Christians in the world.

You cannot do without it if you are preparing for eternal life. The preparation starts from the time when you are still strong, able to follow the teaching of Christ, by understanding his ways on the cross until He rose up from the dead.  Sometimes we forget the lives we have on earth are the only ones, especially when your status is okay, you have things in the house as you live in Paradise. If not, you need to think of another life after death.

Sometimes it is good to reflect on what we had during these Easter periods and ask the podium from God, He will answer our prayers.

May God bless us all.

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