A foot for thought

Weekend programmes

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Many activities take place during the weekend, which starts on Friday and end on Sunday evening. Some people have fixed programs on those days; it is only waiting for the time to implement. Within those activities, others are good and some are bad. Among the bad ones are the activities that are organized for killing people, thefts, robbery and many of them to be mentioned.  

The good activities are those which promote peace, development and so many of them. Several people gather to discuss progress in their areas or states. Others are planning for agricultural seasons as expected soon.  Many were organizing marriage ceremonies.

During the period of lockdown, many people died, their last funeral prayers were not conducted. Some family members were organizing the last funeral prayers. They were making announcements on Radio stations and in the newspapers.

Such activities cannot be avoided because they are part of our lives.

What are to be stopped are the bad ones that bring sorrow to people and are against the will of God.

In addition to that, there were funeral issues, which cannot be avoided, it is natural. God created human beings on earth to live and the time will come for them to leave this world. That time is not known by any person except God. If you happen to have somebody who died, that is your weekend on that day.   The purpose of writing this story is to advise people to do away with wrong activities during the weekend. It means don’t plan for bad or evil acts during your weekend time. Do good so that at the end of the day, God will ask you for what you had been doing during those years of life.

Sometimes we forget that there is lasting judgment at the end of lives.  Let us not ignore or do anything as we like. Your freedom is to do better things not to have that freedom of taking away the life of somebody because you are not the owner of life. May God bless us all.

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