Weekend enjoyment is debilitating Juba

By Malek Arol Dhieu

Weekend refers to the period of the end of one working week until the beginning of the next, that is to say Saturday and Sunday or Friday evening to Sunday evening.

Weekend enjoyment has completely deflated Juba; it has made Juba a futile city. Not only that, it has a big hand in the declination of South Sudan cultures, norms, beliefs, and tattoos that prevent youths from eating or doing something until a certain age is reached, but now elders and youths are indistinguishable.

Elders are right to drain the contents of the bottles on which these are written, Whisky, London No.1, Knock out, Rhino, Tusker, Jack Daniel and other malt liquors because it is highly their time. Their bodies have fully developed in that its maximum consumption has no or little effect on them.

Let me tell you a short story of a 22-year old young man who went for weekend in one of the Konyo Konyo clubs. He ordered a type of spirit he often heard from his uncle and when his colleagues told him of its dreadfulness, he insisted. The waitress brought it and the design itself feared him, it has a tap at its base which to him, was bizarre. He opened and poured it in a small cup and took a sip, he took another cupful and released his last statement in Arabic that ‘haja el wagga fi botoni, lo ma gelbi, de bukun haja tani’ meaning something that fell inside my stomach may be my heart or something else. He lied on a chair as if resting but he has already died. It was too advanced for him to take it as his cells were immature and more reactive to foreign bodies. Not only boys, but girls have already sunk, a girl entices herself on Friday morning to find a rich guy that would take her for weekend. It has become known that a boy or a girl cannot be asked where he or she sleeps for two weekend days. The evidence is that men queue up on Facebook road in search for ‘takeaways’, which initially was not in Juba. One of the addicts vividly defined for me ‘takeaways’ as girls who queue up along the roads to await men who do not have time with ‘I love you baby’, I miss you too much’, I do not sleep because of you’ and many sweet phrases that prolong the process. Instead these men come, pick them up and do away with them without knowing each other, why not? It is the money that talks. It is up to men to ask their names or not, they do not care. If I may ask, how sweet is that enjoyment of two unknowns? He added (addict) that they are after a heavy super and pocket money. They are transported back to their residing areas in the morning when men are done with them. I have a very strong message to all the youths to refrain from such habits as it may stray us from our normal routines. It may blacken our bright future and deviate our thoughts, leave alone our own health because ethanol damages the brain and liver, and these are the seats of life. Youths are known for defense, peacemaking, enhancing agriculture through cultivation, improving economy by creating numerous businesses, exhibiting their country to the rest of the countries through innovation, among others, not intoxicating ourselves with an ethanol which is life threatening. Satisfying yourself with ethanol free foods is equally a weekend enjoyment, but it is misconstrued that it only means drinking wine or any other alcoholic drinks. I do not mean any regret for the independence but the years before the independence were very quiet and rememberable. Juba was a peaceful and a quiet city that a lost person was found safe in the morning, a broken-down car was also found safe, unfenced houses were safe, NGOs workers were not targeted as it is now, lost IDs were reported to Police stations immediately, not now when other people’s IDs are used for committing crimes following the reason that it will be up to him or her to face it, etc. but with the onset of advancement and crisis, everything has altered. I have hope that the Revitalized Peace Agreement will restore our situations. Peace is a mother of development, a country in peace is a country in development and with development, laws governing such acts are made and put in action. Juba will one be the calmest and the fast-growing city like it did during the two years of independence.  Significances show that this peace is durable.

The author is a medical student, University of Juba. He can be reached at malengaroldit@gmail.com or +211922332811. 

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