We should not worry about the future

By Ngor Khot Garang

Pessimism though it has not been scientifically proven to be a disease, it remains one of the most killer diseases of human beings that I have ever known.

I have come to understand that at some points in life there is something that we always fear, maybe our future or our health is becoming unpromising and we wonder if we would live long enough.

These negative thoughts and feelings about what might happen tomorrow are what gravitate to diseases that kill us faster than we could have imagined.

I was listening to a Chinese-American business mogul Jack Ma, and what he said inspired, and also challenged me on the other hand and I hope it will do the same to you.

He said if he can succeed in life, it means 90 percent of young people from both underprivileged or affluent families can do even more than him in this world.

This is a guy who has suffered in life from childhood and if the data of successful people who have never had a good childhood was to be collected, the list would be incomplete without his names.

He has applied for a scholarship to study in Harvard University and was rejected ten times.

But imagine what he has become. If he was someone who easily gives up or someone whose thoughts about the future were always vague, the world would not have known about this man and I would not have mentioned his name in this article.

If you have also come across an inspirational person maybe in politics, business, and sport or in the movie industry, that person was once in somewhat an unfavorable situation but the determination and hope they had about the future pushed them ahead.

If you trace the backgrounds of most successful people today, you will find that almost 90 percent of them came from unpromising parentage and many of them with meager or no education.

Oprah Winfrey who happened to be one of the successful women today did not have a better start in life, her childhood was filled with troubles which can only be imagined.

She was so poor that she would wear dresses made of potato sacks.  And there are a lot of people whose names cannot be mentioned here who have gone through a lot of difficulties.

These stories with the ones of some other people you know should give you the courage to think outside the box.

It doesn’t matter what you are going through or what you have been through. It doesn’t matter if you have been told that you can’t amount to anything or that you are not even an equivalent of a failure.

You will make it, believe me if that is what you want in life.  The challenges of life should not be your excuse for anything because they have always been there even before you were born and will continue to be there as long as you fight for what you want out of life but time will come when those challenges will be small that you can’t even squeeze them between your fingers.

You should not argue, such thing happens in real life and if you are one of those who know that life can change for the better, you will not spend most of your times complaining for the things you do not have in your life but rather you will take every day at a time.

This world is dynamic and at time appreciates everyone based on the right application of their hands. If you cry and you are not comforted by someone,  find the inner courage to comfort yourself because one day you will find every reason to be happy and your life will be an inspiration to many.

There are some people mostly young adults or teenagers and I hope one of them might be reading this work. They are always in constant fear of the future and their financial status.

If you are one of these people, I have a different story for you and this piece was written to let you know that you are someone who just don’t know it yet.

You have a brighter future if you don’t know but what will hinder you from turning that into a reality are the negative thoughts you carry about tomorrow but if you just shift your focus to what is best for you, you can achieve it.

Agree to be someone who is not easily shaken by the winds of life because if you don’t do that, your life will be meaningless and the course for which you were born will remain unfulfilled and the world, with the exception of your immediate family will not know that you have once existed. It all lies in your hands.

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