We should not surrender in our quest for peace

By Omuno Mogga Otto

More than a week ago, I learnt that the logistical arrangement for the deployment of forces to their cantonment sites in Eastern Equatoria is moving up very well.

In one of the stories published in the Juba Monitor English daily on the 7th of this month, a group of civil societies raised doubts about the implementation of 2018 peace deal.

In September 2018, the SPLMIO, the ruling party and some opposition alliance parties signed a Revitalized Peace Agreement to end the conflict, which had taken more than five years. The conflict forced millions of South Sudanese to go and settle in the refugee camps.

Peace starts with forgiveness. Is there any good sign of forgiveness seen from our leaders since the deal was signed in 2018?

If we talk and sing the songs of peace without forgiving one another as one people created in the image of God, there would be no eternal peace in our life.

Peace starts with good things, which do not hurt the feelings of your neighbor, brother, sister, uncle or your friend.

The problem of South Sudan can easily be solve if there is understanding through forgiving one another, forgiveness, which will be realized with true smile of brotherhood.

We can easily live in love, peace and unity if we all believe and accept that war will not keep unity of the country.

The Revitalized Peace Agreement would contribute a lot in solving most of the problems facing South Sudan if the current peace partners within the country put away tribalism.

Tribalism is the basic problem that has put South Sudan in chaos and may continue to put it in more chaos if we do not discard it for good.

South Sudan is a country that hosts more than 50 ethnic communities. Majority of all the ethnic communities wish for the return of peace so that the country will prosper in development and explore its economic potential.

Majority of ethnic societies crave for change, a change which will not allow negative ideology of ethnic divisions to exist when our leaders are working to bring peace in the country.

At time when the parties to the agreement are trying to end their political misunderstandings, there are some clique that will work against that positive progress.

Peace is the basic solution that can change South Sudan from the era of economic suffering, ethnic hatred and injustice to a new era where each and every one would live with happiness.

The ruling party has a big role or task to do to ensure that the agreement is timely implemented in good political spirit so that the country would hold a peaceful and democratic elections by the end of the interim period.

Implementation of all the clauses of the agreement may probably lead to free and fair elections after the end of the interim period.

God created us to live in peace and love. But greed and hatred is the basic problem keeping us in conflict.

Let us avoid the culture of greed and hatred so that the peace we are looking for will realistically prevail.


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