The report that over two million people are threatened with starvation in the country is an indicator that food security measures need to be given maximum and due consideration. Six million are soon to join the rank of starvation which is almost half the population. It is still fresh in the minds of the country that just recently the Government and other key players declared famine in parts of the country and very recently came out and uplifted the same. This is a lesson to learn that food security is important for a Nation. Facts on the ground reveal that Ministry of Agriculture must stand up and start walking in the right direction. We cannot continue talking and doing little in the fertile land God gave us. There must be a time to take action and do the right thing at the right time. The Ministry of Agriculture at all level of the Government; be it State or National should intensify their field work to en-compass agricultural development which would eventually lead to enough food production for the country. We seems to be relying too much on food import even those which can be produced locally like sweet potatoes, cassava, pumpkin, yam and finger millet. What is the good reason for not making farming a business in each community?  Sometimes back the President himself distributed about 1,000 tractors to help in farming across the country. This was a positive move that should have been followed by agricultural experts to increase farming activities. The recent case scenario of famine should remain a good lesson and should make us as a country to be self-reliant. We can only do this if and when we take farming seriously. And how do we do this. With peace and proper planning in all parts of the country the possibilities are guaranteed.


Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo


Someone from the banking industry was narrating how figures do not cheat and that while some banks three months ago had minus, at present they had plus added to the return figures. This was a clear indication that there were some improvements in the financial sector. It means there would be improvements in the economy and eventually to the local man’s pocket. When is now the big question? We listened to this development with keen interest aware and knowing that it would also mean a pocket friendly boost for ourselves. We hoped this would be a reality within a short time because we were doing very badly with our holes which we call pockets in our trousers or jackets. SaPT was a distance away from our presence. Not that he was away wholly; he was away in mind and thought but present in body and sitting in our midst. His attention was drawn somewhere. It was until he spoke that we noticed his absent minded behaviours. SaPT asked unexpectedly and as if from nowhere. You people tell me what kind of a father, I am; l cannot provide for my family’s basic needs and even school fee is outstanding. There is need to recapture the economy and make it work for people like me. Without improvement if the provision of the basic domestic needs, many families will be divided or separated. It is going to lead to many divorces. Imagine going home to an empty kitchen and children and their mother waiting for the father to bring home something small like food to eat. SaPT was worked up that we could not understand him. He was moaning on behalf of others who have been hard hit with the current economic situation. We reminded him of what our banker friend had told us earlier about the “plus instead of minus” but still he was not convinced that with plus or not things will not change overnight and until then he was going to seek refuge out of his own house because he had no more lies to tell about “money” which was not there in the first place. As young as he is, SaPT gave an example of a father who was very rich and brought up children who went to good schools and living good among others. This man missed only one thing. He gave them everything but did not teach them how to source for the same on their own. In his old age the children could not find their own way of doing things. They fought for the existing property, sold everything and at the end they remained with nothing. They did not know how and where to start life from. This was their parents un-doing. Therefore, SaTP concluded by asking us “gentlemen, tell me what legacy you want to leave behind”. We looked at one another but pleaded with him not to abandon his family at this time of dire need. We hoped he took our advice.



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