By Ngor Khot Garang [Guest]

Odongo Odoyo

As a young man, I have always loved Norway for its productivity. I have never been to Norway but I think I have read a lot about this country. They know when to say no and when to say yes. Norway has slaughtered poverty and corruption is hanged. Yes, there exist errors everywhere but there is perfection here. I imagine this country as a heaven on earth. Many people I have read have many things to say about Norway and one of them is Leif Wenar. Norwegians, according to Leif, work well together. What interests us especially is that Norwegians together form a strong people: Norwegian citizens together keep close control of the Norwegian state.

Elections are free, fair, and hotly contested. The press is open and vigorous and helps to keep officials accountable to the citizenry. The people demand high levels of transparency from the government, especially regarding resource decisions. The Norwegians have tight control over the government and this gives them a softer ground to decide how they want their resources to be managed. This means that the government had to use the resources to benefit people. Another thing I love about Norway is trust. You cannot think of a family where there is no trust and conclude that it would last a lifetime. That won’t happen. Trust is everything, if you want enough of it, Norway has it in abundance, and nine out of ten Norwegians trust themselves, unlike Americans where that number is only five out of ten. Norwegians are also generous and this is not hyperbolic. What I mean here is that their charity begins at home not like in Africa where the powerful siphon public funds and stashes them in foreign banks. Norway puts its people first before the world and beyond public goods provision to its people; Norway also uses its oil wealth for a further goal, which is projecting its values abroad. Norway sends tens of millions of dollars every year to poorer states to help them build capacity to manage the little they have but this money also ends up in individual pockets. The Norwegians have one thing in common and it is the number one reason why they stood out in the global arena. They love themselves and they cannot make it without one another. For the country to succeed, people must be included in the walk. There is no success without failure, these people have failed several times and they have used these lessons to dig deeper and unearth one of the world greatest nations. Idolize these people because they have chosen to work for the world, not the world working for them.

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