We should always mind of others’ thoughts

By: Agar Mayor Gai Makoon

It is true that as we live in this world, we ought to interact and share many things with others. At home, schools and in our places of work, interaction becomes the center of a reputable lifestyle. One can undoubtedly say that life is what we live it with the people around us. Our terms and the ability to understand how others view things simplify living. If one knows what annoys the other person, there is always a chance of preventing conflict. A society that follows and teaches the young on how best they can interact with one another enjoys peace, unity and prosperity.

However, it is barely possible for most people and countries to keep up to this phenomenon. What brings this much discontent in any society, especially the South Sudanese society at the present? We fail to comprehend the simple fact of life that from one person to another, people have different likes and unlike as well. Your good may not necessarily be the same in my eyes. And that is why I agree with the saying that one man’s meat is another man’s poison.  But how do we live to the point of making things work for all of us? In other words, how do we reconcile our opinions or interests in a way that suits, and is fit for the general benefit of all?

Our nature tells us that we can together live in peace, unity and harmony. But what matters a lot is our willingness to be so. There are some who hate peace and unity and as such, they try their level best to create problems even at times when there need not to be any problem. Our society has witnessed this phenomenon a thousand times. One indication of this country being a victim is the inability of the South Sudanese to live in peace with one another, the failure of the government to provide the right services for her people because the officials are corrupt, self-central and self-loving; the fact that the leaders hate one another, and are not agents of positive change is an indication that there is a misunderstanding and egotism somewhere in others. Why would one, moreover if so, a government official, undermine their workmates, the citizens and beyond? Why would someone ever feel that their thoughts are always right and that for others, are not? Let us in this country if wanting peace, unity and prosperity refrain from such thought. We are all the same in the eyes of our creator and the decisions that each and every one must have to be always accorded much respect by the ones around.

The little power that the creator gives to us should not be used to walk on the rights and thoughts of others. Their thoughts are important and we need them to guide us in our leadership for proper delivery of services. If we consider all people’s thoughts in decision making, the factors such as conflict and tribalism are eliminated. In other words, any country enjoys peace and prosperity only if all are taken important and their thoughts are considered.  We need not to be enemies of peace and this can only be effected if self-centrality and corruption are wiped off our way. That is to say, love and unity be the habit of all people in this country.

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