We shall write until we write no more

By Malek Arol Dhieu.

Colonialists, after leaving Africa, the have left an indelible insult that if you want to hide something in Africa, write a book, they will not read it. It was as if they wrote it about South Sudanese. Writers are a group of people who feed the public with written information whose content is complex. It is detailed in the sense that this information comes from many sources and it is the task of a writer to filter and organize it so that it is wholly understood by the public. Now that the information is written, reported and filed but the public still ignores it and creates unfounded information to confuse people, how does the public want it to be written? That of the public is very simple to handle but the biggest challenge remains in public offices and academic institutions where everything is done under instructions. Public offices, because they are called public offices, they should be run with public opinions taken altogether with opinions of the office occupants, but does that happen as we speak? It does not.All the opinions should be refined and shaped thoroughly to suit the policies of the offices because some opinions are destructive if used unrefined while others are useless at all. Suggestion boxes are available in every office but their contents are not read so that these suggestions are sorted in to those that are of today’s benefit and those that are of tomorrow’s, then incorporated into systems of the offices. Newspapers are full of opinions and possible ways of how things should be done in offices and in our surroundings. These opinions should be taken into accounts because what is going wrong is only seen by an outsider and opinion writers are outsiders. If it is the reason that these opinions are read daily and dismissed in minds as they are being replaced by others of the same or different content on daily basis, they should be jotted down to avoid them being lost. Authors, on the other hand, write books and expect them to be read by the public for their consumption but that rarely happens. If survey is to be done now so that a house without a library is destroyed, I am sure almost all houses could be destroyed. Books contain key words that can guide one along his/her path of success, and because they are not read, sometimes, other people get tired a few miles away from their success while others miss the direction of their success. Lack of guidance in life is a friend to ignorance that acts as a barrier to block any advice, quotes and anything taken from a fellow as an addition to one’s own principles of life. Dwelling much on books, written about different fields of life, some about how to get money, others about how to get leadership and others about how to influence people to get more steadfast friends, including friends in love. The last citing is very important because, without true love at home, one cannot have peace of mind at home to be able to achieve the aforementioned goals of life. The ways of how they are tackled and achieved are written in books and it is expected of one to read and apply them in the race of achieving these goals. Some people who applied them earlier have already achieved their goals while others who recently woke up are on the verge of achieving theirs. We, writers are fighting every fight, be it Coronavirus, GBV, corruption, tribalism, good governance, among others, and because of that, what we beg of one is to have a look at the newspapers of any media to know what is happening around and to get tactics of how to stage a fight for goals of life.

The author is a medical student, University of Juba.

He can be reached at malengaroldit@gmail.com or +211922332811

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