We shall be the witnesses

By: AKol Arop Akol

It is true; the young people are living in toughest situation facing ups and downs, not knowing why they are unlucky to face unbearable life.

We the youth lost peace from some families, communities and the country as a whole and the worst thing is the loss of peace of mind.

Peace of mind refers to individual or personal peace. It is characterized with peace within oneself, and having a peaceful and honest personality or kind behaviors.

But due to the problems in the country, young people are crying and almost losing hopes. They have been affected negatively and left with hostile behaviors towards one another.

When some of our relatives become irresponsible and unable to provide the needs, we hope for our Government to take care of us and if the leaders are incapable to address our problems, we run to God to set us free.

However, there is time when human beings and their institutions that are supposed to help us become unsupportive, we think of giving up in life.

It is real. It is seen that our country is own only in hearts. But putting the love and patriotism in action is very difficult.

People who have the chance to hold high position used their powers to put others in silence.

They have used their powers to mistreat the innocent civilians in an inhuman way. It is very bad when they feel proud for being called Very Important persons (VIPs) while others are called Displaced persons.

The resources that are supposed to be used for country’s development are looted by individuals for personal interests.

The young people are there to watch their leaders hanging out in hotels, driving luxurious cars and travelling for leisure using public belongings but they are not allowed to talk much.

They call us leaders of tomorrow. And again when tomorrow comes, they don’t allow us the young people to have freedom to talk, work and lead. It means that tomorrow is never guaranteed.

We are not given opportunities. Our necks are tethered like goats and no grass around us. What is that will motivate us.

Youth just wait to suffer the consequences of leaders’ unfruitful plans in the country. In crime, Domestic Violence, communal fights, Robbery, mob justice groups and spread of hate speech youth are the ones involved and fuelling yet at the end they become the victims. Why do they choose that kind of life?

Lack of financial support, limited or corrupt opportunities, expensive education and unemployment are all the reasons why young people choose to live an immoral life.

Young age is where everything looks new and enjoyable,  thus parents,  relatives and the leaders as Whole should make sure basic needs,  mental and Emotional support are given to the youth to empower them in order to live a good life.

As an opposite, youth are either left uncared for or even treated like fools and use as tools to spread hate speech and fight conflicts of interest in our communities.

Indeed, there are those who could not resist when convinced with promising words of being given position or money. They feel weak and simply accept the bribes. But though, we still have strong youth whose eyes are opened and with wise minds, they cannot be deceived by people of self interest.

They stand firm and remain royal to their people and Country, South Sudan. As youth born during the wars and also continue growing during crisis, we are facing problems day and night.

One day we shall be the witnesses to tell a part of Country’s History. We shall be the ones to narrate the stories that happened in our presence.

We shall tell who was patriotic from beginning to the end. We shall see at the end of suffering the one who betrayed us and our country.

Young people are waiting for that time when they will have their chance to lead and do their part for development.

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