Even bookworms could use boost to get through the sky-high stock of required reading with a cold… you’ll fly through it in no time and even get inspired to come up with a little prose of your own. And when you have finished, who knows? There could be a Romeo or Juliet out there waiting for you. This is coined from an advertisement of international standard which caught my eyes as we struggled with our daily chores. And all seems to be gone off my head for the time being. I must accept, l was blank but did not want to admit it whatsoever. This was my gentleman’s reasoning and argument. Until our common friend SaTP approached and sat next to me. When blankness take lead, then you have no future. There was property for sale advertisement and we keenly followed the message therein. Me and my friend, we were thinking big of jointly owning property in the middle of the City. It was the right of all who could afford, so we thought. It was not like our thinking was guiding us. Property in the City had their own who owned them. Not every Tom, Dick and Hurry. We were being dwarfed by these thoughts which turned out to be realities of life. May be those of the older or yester-years like me came across some books authored by one Cerry Francis, the Mathematician. In our current situation, we were trying some maths which was almost close to what this man from far land used to teach and author. Our calculation brought us to the reality that some parts of this city were reserved for particular people. You need to be in their situation to be able to buy a plot. SaTP sadly told me that the city was divided and the going prices were not pocket friendly to our likes. Your bank account must be talking volumes of the green Obama now Trump or in one of the banks in the E.A.Community cities, one had a talking to tell account with local currencies or bond or shares or what to be able to negotiate a price. We told our friend that our time had expired and we may not be lucky to be included in the list of those who own or may own property in the city or other parts of the country. We were done and parted ways without a nearby solution.

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