We now fetch water at our own convenience

Press Release

My name is Agwa Odol Alok. I am 29 years old and a resident of Aparangom village in Pochalla County. I run a restaurant here with my husband. I fetch all the water I need to run my business and for household chores from the water yard that was constructed by International Aid Services (IAS) in 2019.

Before this water point was constructed, it was difficult to access clean and safe water for both domestic work and business. We used to pump water at a borehole far from here. This was tedious and needed a lot of strength to operate. As a result of this, we had several conflicts among the women who fetched water from here.

It was especially difficult for women with children. Most times they had to leave their children un-attended to for several hours in the day. In some areas people had to travel long distances to the river side to fetch water. The river water is dirty and causes diseases.

As a business woman, sometimes we had to close the restaurant earlier because of lack of water. This greatly affected our work. At times business people were forced to leave their businesses unattended to in order to collect water, which made it difficult for us to serve our customers.

However things changed for the better when this water facility was constructed last year. With four taps operating all at the same time, I fetch water faster and return to operate my business in time. My husband and I now make enough money to cater for our children and also our relatives receive some assistance from us.

Conflicts are also no longer common because people collect water faster and give others a chance to fetch theirs. Our sisters from the neighbouring villages also come and get their water from this place, which is a good thing.

We now fetch water at our own convenience.

Our wish is for IAS to build similar water places so that other villages also benefit from the clean and safe water like us.

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