We need policy for disability implemented

By: Bullen Bala Alexander

The Executive Director for Torit Young Voices for persons with disability said that persons with disabilities were concerned on the unimplemented National Policy for persons with disabilities in the country.

Patricia Laduma Egan, the executive director of Torit Young Voices said the national policy for the persons with disabilities needed to be implemented in order to give equal opportunities for enhanced empowerment, participation and protection of their rights.

“The Policy I am talking of is based on five guiding principles, non-discrimination and human right based approach, affirmative action, diversity and inclusiveness, disability mainstreaming and participation,” Ms. Laduma revealed.

Ms. Laduma stressed that if the policy was implemented it would address and respond to multiple vulnerabilities faced by PWDs and promote and protect their rights and dignity in an inclusive manner.

She said the policy would ensure access to services for all Persons with disabilities and strengthen, promote respect and protection of human rights of PWDs in south Sudan.

“It will create an enabling environment for PWDs’ economic and social empowerment and improved livelihood.”

She said lack of the implementation of national policy for the person with disability in South Sudan was making many disabled person not go to school.

According to Ms. Laduma, the disability assessment report 2011, PWDs lack access to basic services.

“Women and girls with disabilities are less likely than women and girls without disabilities,” Ms. Laduma stated.

“On behave of persons with disabilities in Torit State and South Sudan as a country; I take this opportunity to appeal to our government, UN Agencies, local and international non-governmental organizations to help us implement some of these policies,” she said.

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