We need peace, unity and solidarity

As a citizen and son of western Lake State, I am boldly calling for peace, unity and solidarity among our communities to live a better life. My people, the inter-clans conflict we have been exercising among ourselves has done more harm than good on every individual socially, politically, and economically. Conflict is nothing other than creating loss of lives and destruction of properties, creating hatred, poverty, disunity, corruption, poor health, poor education, loss of values and norms. “House that stand on divided line would never develop”.

Peace is a very important element of life. It’s the state of being free from any kind of human conflict and violence. All the activities of state(s) or country are run smoothly in presence of peace. Peace is the sign of development and prosperity. Human rights are not violated when there is peace. People can walk freely from one place to another without having fear in mind (as John Kudusy once said). Peace helps to create feeling of love, trust, and brotherhood among people. Development process cannot go ahead without peace and harmony. People can do their businesses and respect each other in all aspects of life. People can raise their standard of living and work hard when there is peace. Peace brings happiness and promotes peaceful co-existence.

My beloved people, peace is the only way to make us stand united. It is our obligation as youths to make our communities stay in peace. “Peace is the mother of civilization while war is the demon of destruction”. “Civilization and development cannot progress if there is no peace in the state or country”.

My people, if peace is the essential of our existence, then it should be the central theme of our dialogue wherever we sit either in tea places, at home, working places or even when you we are walking. Life is complete and visualizes when there is peace.

If we are in peace, we are able to think clearly and control our negative emotions such as hatred, corruption cattle wrestling among others. In community, one can be able to make wise decision related to different aspects of life such as creating interpersonal relationship, good economic status, infrastructure development, promoting agriculture, education, and good health not only that but also leadership opportunity.

If we looked at our life, true values and norms of present in contrast to the past, you can proves that our name and image as Agar community is valueless like South Sudanese pound against dollar because of useless inter-clans fighting among ourselves. We are being known as a hostile community in South Sudan and that is the reason why anything related to violence Rumbek is considered most. Why?

I want to assure the communities of Western Lakes state especially Agar community of Kuei, Rup, Pakam, and greater Aliamtoc of Athoi, Kook, Duor, Nyuei and Panyaar to embrace. The re-appointment of Matur Chut Dhoul does not mean we should resume killing ourselves, raiding cattle or ambushing people on the roads and at homes.  No, if you think so then it is wrong perception. I hope everyone is aware about our Governor. He is well known of his bitter words of abusing people, inciting conflicts, discourage youth, all in all he is a military man by nature. Let us forget about his harshness for the sake of peace and stability in our state. One man cannot destroy the whole community. It was not the will of 98 percent of Western Lakes citizens for him to be re-appointed.  Let us disseminate messages of peace, unity and solidarity to our young brothers in the cattle camps who are not aware about the negative impact of inter-clan conflicts among themselves. “There is no beautiful city without civilians and rural people” Jesus said, “They don’t know what they are doing”.

Elders, chiefs, politicians, youths, women, and intellectuals, let us join our hands and come together to bring peace and stability to our beloved state at any cost. It is our obligation as one community to realize ourselves and future of our generations to come by asking ourselves following questions. What have we gained in killing ourselves? What are the consequences of inter-clans conflicts on our communities? Whom do we think apart from us to come and bring peace to our people? Absolutely we are the one to bring the change and peace to our state. I’m sure 100 percent of the consequences of conflicts in any state are death, poverty, hatred, and destruction of properties, disunity, loss of values and norms, illiteracy growth, poor health, displacement of people among others. My brothers and sisters, it is a time to realize our path as a future youth using critical analysis to resolve such senseless conflicts among our communities to come to an end. Nelson Mandela said,” it seems impossible until it is done”. If we all commit ourselves to work for peace then it must come.

The negative conflicts in Rumbek are being used by some elements in the country to marginalizing Agaar and Bele communities politically, socially and economically. Believe it or not we are the disorganized community in this country and that is why things are falling apart to our big politicians and intellectuals. If I may ask you a question, how many veterans, politicians and intellectuals at the national level are in the none-acting list in Rumbek? How old are they? Comrades are now busy doing their assignments? We have  Daniel Deng Monydit Moon, Ajuong Makuer, Paul Mayom Akech, ustaz William Ater Machiek, Daniel Dut Manyok, Marial Maker Chagai, Machuei Malual Arop, prof Malual Dong, Eng. Chol Tong Mayai, (Makuei door) Abraham Makoi Bol Kodi, the list is so long.  I believe the causes of all this backwardness is disunity, lack of common agenda, gossiping, tribalism, collaboration, and collision of serving the will of others.  Our politicians are lacking competitive advantage at national level. They only want positions. Believe it or not the youths of greater Rumbek shall be like Okonkwo (things fall apart) who had bad start in life because his father was not considered in nine villages of Nigeria due his cowardice, idleness, and improvident, disorganized man and incapable of thinking about tomorrow. It was due the hardworking of a boy that made him the champion in nine villages of Nigeria. Our Elders may you come together as one community to bring to an end the senseless conflict in our state. Our state is in quagmire, hopeless and backward. Solomon (13:12) “when hope is crushed, the heart is crushed, but a wish come true fill you with joy”. The hope of young people like me is crushed.

Our fallen hero, African icon, charismatic leader Dr. Garang de Mabior put it cleared that Rumbek is the heart of South Sudan. Yes, it is true. We are heart of South Sudan not because we are strongest tribe in South Sudan, but simply because we don’t have that evil heart of doing wrong things to our beloved nation.

My message to youth of Western Lakes especially (RUMYU) is to stop being used as a tool by visionless politicians in achieving their own interests that destroy the nation. The future of this country is in our hands as former American president John F. Kennedy said, as a youth, “Do not ask for what your country can do for you, but ask for what you can do to your country.” Let us ask ourselves for what we can do to our beloved state and the nation at large. There are some youth who are using politics as a begging ticket to fill their pockets neglecting the majority interests. It is only in South Sudan where everybody assumed politics even those who are still sacking their breastfeeding. I don’t blame the youth because we are all being traumatized by the tragedies of South Sudan. Nevertheless, we the youth are crowned by the rate of dependency because we don’t correct our leaders who assumed to be great before they do great things to the nation.

My message to our president Salva Kiir Mayardit is to consider mostly the will of citizens but not politicians. The re-appointment of Matur Chut Dhoul was not the will of majority of people of western Lake due to the fact that he is not a man of peace. The peace does now no longer exist in state since the day one when peace maker Abraham Makoi Bol was removed. Our governor was welcome with bloodshed and it had never stopped up to now. We the people of Western Lakes are still in dilemma whether the removal of former Governor was due to developmental issues, insecurity, or political motive. What I know is that, human development comes first followed by material development. Our governor should care about the lives of his people and property.

We have lost relationship with our neighbors of Eastern Lake, Gok state, Tonj state due to poor relationships from our leaders. During the time of the former Governor Abraham Makoi, evil desires such revenge killing, cattle raiding within ourselves and our neighbors stopped but it has now worsen.

In summary, I am appealing to all chiefs of Western Lakes to stop supporting negative stereotype that escalate the problems into violence. You are not leaders of dead people; you are leaders of the living people. Peace and stability in our state is in your hands. Also abstain yourselves from politics because it is ambiguous in meaning.  I would like to thank Belle community of greater Wulu for their peaceful coexistence with their neighbors.  Thanks to Mataba Yuara (chief) and Belle politicians for keeping unity.

I am tremendously calling for peace, unity and solidarity in our Western Lakes state and the nation at large. War is the father of destruction. We can never develop if people are at war. Tribalism will never take us forward. South Sudan is a diverse country with over 64 tribes who have equal rights to life and own property. There is no strongest tribe in this country because the 21 years civil war was fought by all south Sudanese. The referendum to secession was 98 percent voted by all south Sudanese. Youth politicians, intellectuals, mothers, chiefs, and religious leaders, the national dialogue is the only way to make this country a better place to live in. The history of Rwanda genocide is enough to Africans. Let us all sing songs of peace in the name of God.

By Alier Makuer Gol


The writer can be reached via: aliermakuerdit@gmail.com or call 0955898282

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