We need fair pay for civil servants

The situation in Jonglei State begs attention from different wings of the government both state and national levels. The civil servants who went on a peaceful strike this week were forced by the same circumstances that came with the elusive chasing of wind in the name of waiting for salary from their government. The issue not being resolved in the earliest stage resulted in the protest. These people are humans and above all, national servants. They have mouths to feed and children to pay in school. What ceases to be amazing is the fact the country would choose to disapprove of their tireless efforts. We all know that teachers play an important role in our lives. But it is not an easy profession, to choose to become one is accepting poverty for the rest of your life. But what about investing in people? This is one of the vital investments in life.  What this country needs the most is education because that is the only hope the people have. It is also very crucial to recognize those who give themselves for others to climb higher in life. The civil servants in Jonglei have been patient for a very long time but this time, they feel that their patience has been betrayed by the government. This is why they went on strike. They could no longer trust the government. And do you know what comes next when trust is completely lost, it is violence that follows? Trust is the only social fabric that holds society together. A society where people jump step this line is a society on a sure way to failure. The government should devise the means to resolve this issue before it gets wors

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