We need drug laboratory in the country:Dr Antipas

By: Mandela Nelson Denis

There is great need for a drug testing laboratory in the country in order to ensure safe lives of people from consuming fake medicine said Dr Antipas John.

South Sudan depends on imported medicine from other countries to treat the people but still lacks a drug testing facility to ensure safety and quality took the lead.

In an exclusive interview with Juba Monitor Dr Antipas one of the country’s main private health sector player revealed that several medicine in the country were counterfeits and putting the lives of the people in danger.

“there is a lot of counterfeit medicine in the country because we lack the facility to test these drugs before being given to our people and for that case l am appealing to the international bodies to support the government and set a drug testing laboratory in the country”, said Dr John Antipas.

Dr Antipas said that the government was putting all efforts in the peace process and should be supported.

“we all know that the government is putting all resources to the peace process and we hope that the international agencies can give a helping hand”, Dr Antipas

Dr Antipas further said that companies dealing in medicine in the country find it difficult to identify whether certain drugs were fake or original but with the help of testing lab, all will be easy.

Earlier this month Drug and Food Control Authority recalled some drugs from the Pharms in the country.

The roles of drug testing laboratory according to Dr Antipas is to ensure that all medicines imported into the country are tested before been sold to the public.

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