We need deliverance from tribalism

By Agar Mayor Gai

It is quite clear to all that one time in our country’s history, we longed for liberation. We wanted to be liberated from a good number of things such as racism, oppressions from our brothers in the north; we wanted political, social and religious freedoms. But though, getting liberated from all these, proved itself a difficulty. It had to cost us almost everything. Our lives, time and land, all these, struggle for freedom had taken.

However, we were rewarded by our creator. In the year 2005, we almost recovered all that we had lost in the cause of twenty one years. And then, a few years later, we fully yielded the fruits of our struggle. We were declared independent people with everything in our country being within our reach.

The thought of those countries which were in support of our freedom was that they had done their part and all which was left was to be completed by the South Sudanese. The people of this country were not to stop struggling but rather have it in their minds that real struggle was still to be realized. They were then to double their efforts such that they recover and make use of their resources properly and fairly.

This was what the other world of thought, were having in their minds. They knew that with independence, all would come into your own hands, in other words, you become a decision maker yourself. Independence in this view is like marriage. When people get married, they leave their parents and make a home of their own.  In that home, they are the decision makers themselves and their parents have little to contribute in these people’s affairs. This is how our brothers from the north and the rest had to think of us, a new home where we would be able to think and work out our own challenges alone.

However, what has now happened is a different story. We, the owners of this new home have a different thought. We think that we cannot be able to find the right solutions to our own problems. In fact we have not one day thought of laying a foundation for this country. When we are given that chance of doing a national service, we put our individual interests first. We fill our own pockets and enjoy personally at the expense of the nation.

And in most instances, we still stick to the old ways. We do things based on tribal lines and this has, for sure, made it impossible to realize and make this country our own home. By corrupting, killing and looting national resources, it means that those resources are not our own, it means that these people we kill are not our brothers and more over we do not share the same country with them which is not true of our country and the people.

The resources are our own and it sounds unnatural to steal what you know very well that it belongs to you. The people who we kill are those who, one time in our country’s history, stood behind us until the independence was achieved. All these are happening due to the fact that, in national matters, we put our individual interests first.

This self-centrality has promoted tribalism, corruption and more dangerously poverty. And this is why we need liberation entirely different from the past struggle one. This time we need to be liberated from tribalism, corruption and more importantly poverty. We all need to be partakers of this second liberation struggle.

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