We must emulate Christ Embassy

By Ngor Khot Garang
In my heart I rejoice and feel ecstatic when I see someone winning a soul for Jesus Christ. I even feel elated like I am the one being attended to when I see someone visiting, praying for the sick/prison inmates and providing them with the basic necessities.
This is what the Christ Embassy is doing in the nation of South Sudan and I believe many people have found the reason to live again in a beautiful rich land where everything was shattered by war.
In the current scenario, many families are hopeless especially those who during the war have lost their loved ones and properties and they hardly see nothing good ahead of them but if there is someone telling them that God has a special purpose for their lives. They would be able to gather the available courage to start life anew and that is what I have learned from the Love World Convocation.
In Christ Embassy, I have learned that someone who love others love God like nobody else. In South Sudan today the love of Christ has dwindled in the hearts of men and that is why our conditions and spiritual ailments continue to deteriorate and relapse every hour. Everyone is on his or her own trying to get by.
Through the windows of our V8s, we see young children of school age lying by the road side and we don’t feel guilty, at our homes there is food and clean drinking water but we don’t let the thought of disadvantaged children and the widows who have lost their husbands cross our minds.
We must epitomize the love of Christ to those who have lost hope, when you have bread in your house, don’t be someone whose people lean on, show them how to dig their own wells and we will make the world a better place to live.
It is undisputable truth that the reason why majority of South Sudanese don’t fulfill their God purpose is because nobody is portraying the love of Christ to them.
Thousands of people are suffering today in silence and they have questions that they can’t even answer.
Questions like; “Does God really exist or if He surely does, why suffering?”. Others who believe and still doubt will be like, “Jesus Christ, redeem my lost soul, I was born in fire. Can’t you condemn me to another world that is better than this one where I can find peace and love”. And when they go to church maybe to find what their heart needs, they hear the somber hymns “let’s help the poor and pray for the sick.” And when they see the street children, diseases, and high level of poverty. They become more flabbergasted then decide to shun going to church because the people who should have sown the seeds of love in people’s hearts are preaching what they don’t practice.
I believe that God love South Sudan and indeed this country has a potential to feed half of the population if not the whole world. Life was meant to be absolutely wonderful in this place. When you see the beautiful river Nile that makes it way to Egypt and you compare our country with Egypt you even wonder why we don’t use the Nile well.
Many countries are not blessed the way we are and many scholars had it that God must have planned to make South Sudan a school where the world would learn what good life is. But today we are asking God to give us a break amidst plenty.
It is not too late to make South Sudan what it was meant to be and we should not feel sorry for ourselves, we must show love to those that feel isolated and forgotten in the community as did by Christ Embassy Juba 1. Not many months ago, Christ Embassy organized “a go back to school campaign” for children whose parents are unable to pay school fees and many children have benefited from this campaign. The church also challenged its members to visit areas like Magateen, hospitals and prisons to fellowship with these people and share what they have like food and clothes with them.
This is the love that so many people crave in South Sudan and that is how peace starts, when we are loved, we also find the courage to love back then we become one body. There are people among us today, their houses were burned down during the war and everything they use for survival was destroyed and now they do not know how to start life. They have nothing to eat, they sleep under unroofed walls, their children are not in school and their future looks bleak. These people are what make South Sudan a country. We should remember them because that is not the way God intended them to be.
God did not plan to create someone to suffer, live lesser life or to live below poverty line. We are the ones causing the mess we are in ourselves. And it is high time the socially minded people demand for a peaceful South Sudan where the word of God is what ring in people’s minds and hearts.

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