Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

It is unusual and unexpected that a colleague Kidega Livingstone can comfortably share with anyone a major topic that bothers him. And indeed l did not expect this one from him or any of the young colleagues. He seems to have been planning the approach since coming to the office. Sometimes the man l nick-named “AMACHINA” is so unpredictable that we always give him his time like l did when he approached me yesterday. “Yaba, l am disturbed by some facts. These people who are posting negative things about this country in the social media they are not foreigners but sons and daughters of this country who are mostly living outside. Why don’t they be patriotic to their own motherland? Indeed, as a young nation we have our differences in approaching and handling issues but to strip your own mother naked is abomination in the African context. Patriotism is not sycophancy. I wish someone could tell them the differences and what it means to belong and own your own country” as quiet as he walked in he left before l uttered a word but his concern centred into my mind. I agreed silently with him and wanted to tell him so but l did not have another chance immediately to engage him more on the topic. However, l equated his concern with those being echoed by other concerned citizens. All these start at the rumour- mongering dens and spread like bushfire to the minds of the innocent citizens. There are those who are experts in initiating falsehood aimed at creating discord. Even with the peace restoration process on top gear they have not given up and are still doing the rounds. A country cannot grow with these kinds of attitudes. First own and belong. Second be patriotic and not sycophant and third walk the talk together. There are many citizens like Kidega who are genuinely concerned about the country and who would like its image maintained positively, not individuals, to attract investment and economic growth. How many are thinking along these lines and how many would want to support development of the country by both local and international community without string attached. The journey has been long and tiresome. People need a break from the grueling sun stage-managed to suit some disgruntled elements who prophet rumours in the society.  In the old days these are people who could have been dealt with according to the African or traditional laws. They are lucky to be doing their doings from a far where the law of the land cannot catch up with them. But all is not lost because there are hundreds of patriotic citizens who are working day and night only for the good of the country. Walking a straight walk is healthier than going on limping to the unknown which do not bear any fruit to the general public. A line must be drawn between the good and the bad and the latter be stashed in the dust-bin forever never to come out or to emerge again.

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