We must consider our heritage

By Samuel Gospel Alier

Everything and everybody is in confusion nowadays because all things seem too recondite and at the same time seem to have been understood.

Let us acknowledge the presence of variety of cultural heritage. Though there are variations in the cultures, there are similarities as well that interlink them to make unified norms and customs that a particular place enjoys.

It is too paramount to know where you came to be, who you are, where you are and what you are to be. No matter the situation you are going through whether good or bad. It is only you to ask yourself the above questions that you can tell where you are, what you are doing and where you are leading to. Thereafter, you can reposition yourself and move forward determined to accomplish your goals or backwards to re-correct your mistakes from recount of your history.

And that is why historians define History as the study of the past and current events to determine the future.

We must avoid hesitation because it is the fact of life. Before we become disunited South Sudanese, where were we before? Who were we? What brought us here? What made us to be who we are today?

The questions may be too many to ask but as a matter of space let us consider the above few questions. We as South Sudanese were considered as hospitable people initially. But this is not the case now. We are divided on tribal lines over political issues but not knowing that politics was not our heritage.

The combination of political issues is not too different things i.e. modernization together with technology and the heritage is bringing confusion in the current global life. The two need to be matched maturely in order not to bring harm either politically or socially. The current modernization is bringing moral decadence which has resulted in rampant outbreak of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (S.T.Ds) in our modern generation.

It is worth mentioning that the diseases have taken gain even in the villages. This will ruin the future of the upcoming generation. Politics with heritage and modernity combined together with the slogan that majority should rule is not a favorable system for the citizens because they all have their rights to be respected. If in such a way, then what is the use of democracy? There could not be reason for conducting free and fair elections but instead ask the majority to nominate who they think will lead them.

We were once united South Sudanese when we revisit our history. We were hospitable and charitable to each other and our visitors too. We were courageous, hardworking, peacemakers and patriotic. We had strong moral values and respect for gender equality. Our history educates us more that is why we were able to accommodate Arabs in our territory who later became terrors because of the hospitality that we had.

Other Nilotic tribes migrated from the Northern part of Sudan to their current habitats but the reason why they were accommodated is because of the same pure heart.

If we need peace and sustainability as our hearts desire, then let us consider our heritage. Let us take a glance at our past footsteps and compare with the current situation to redefine our future destination.

Let us start peace with immediate commitment among ourselves by restoring our cultural norms and heritages. Let us preach the word peace in towns, villages and extensively to our local communities at large.

Let us embrace peace and total love for one another as Jesus summarized the Ten Commandments into two. The first one says “love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and strength.” The second says, “Love your neighbours as you love yourself. In reference to us now, let us love ourselves and government with all our hearts, souls and strengths and offer our support without any criticism.

Let us treat our countrymen and women equally as we want to be treated and we may remain united and peaceful South Sudanese with unified heritage.

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