Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Odongo Odoyo

Tomorrow is the International Boxing Federation (IBF) Day and South Sudan Boxing Federation (SSBF) will join the world in the celebration. My colleague John Agok who had just come back from covering the preparation for the event from SSBF offices came back challenging me with a bout on the celebration day. What he did not know is that we had been there before up to the international standard. But l told him to prepare the ground with whoever, he thought he could take me there in the ring. I was really not bother with going to the ring. What bothered me most was how to see that basic commodities prices were reduced to meet the pockets of the common needy. The IMF has injected a new into the coffer of the country, USD 334 million which is a good sign to the economic growth and the general public. We all remember that the weekly auction of USD in the past had tamed the rate but not the market prices. When I received the first call in the morning yesterday, it was about the reported panic from the dubious dealers who already noticed that they are going on the tarmac empty handed when this money is floated openly in the market. The fear which has gripped the guilty one who have been caught in the dollar melee within and without. People are fond of pointing fingers to others without having proper reason or enough evidence to do so. This time the Central Bank cannot be blamed for high rocketing prices in the market. There are institutions charged with the responsibility of looking into these matters. The fact that it is a free market system does not give one the right to hike prices and maintain them there at will. There must be a well-balance playground laid for all. I think those pointing fingers at others are failures who would wish to hide behind others for their own shortfalls. We do not want to live in a world where others take pleasure in hiding their weakness but pointing fingers at the wrong direction. This is why l am challenging them to an open bout in and outside the boxing ring to find the truth of the shortfalls when and if they happened. I can assure you that we are preparing the ground to deal with those given the responsibilities to take charge of service delivery to the general public whom we shall hold accountable for not doing what they are appointed to do and who instead are pointing fingers towards others when they have completely failed to discharge their responsibilities.At this time and place we should not forget the unifying factor which is collective responsibility where we are all required to work as a team because the end success in credited to the good of the public at large.

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