We must be agents of peace -Rev Dr. Bilal

Rev. Dr. Joseph Bilal said, “we must be agents of peace because peace cannot come on its own, we are to make this country peaceful if we don’t think there will be no peace.
“My appeal is that whosoever is carrying a gun or doing things that are bringing war, conflicts and killing should stop so that peace return to the country,’ Rev. Dr. Bilal said.
“Nobody is going to bring peace for us, we should bring peace by ourselves”.
However, the Rev said, “we need God. unless we realize that it is only God who can be able to rule in our lives to give us everything we need, then we can truly be agents of peace.”
“At the moment we are driven quite a lot by our own flesh, feelings, emotions and desires so we need to revive ourselves in order to be agents of peace,” he added.
He stressed that the citizens must be thankful to God in everything they do despite the fact that the country is undergoing a lot of problems right now
“There are so many people that are already gone but you are still alive, so God has a purpose to have kept you alive,”
“The purpose is for you to be agents of peace to restore this country and therefore, we must be the people to bring peace in this country,”
Rev. Bilal continued that our leaders must be peacemakers, not the destroyers peace, saying it is not by coincidence that they are leaders, instead God made them leaders so as there is peace.
He said that people should work together so that they can be able to forgive one another for whatever they were wronged against.
Emmanuel Simon Mawic Wol, a gospel singer and a member of the Juba Christian Centre, said the citizens should humble themselves before God and let him to intervene because he is the true person to bring peace to the country, not the politicians.
“We should ask for God’s forgiveness for all the wrongs that we have done because as a nation, we know that we are going through a lot of troubles and these troubles can only be solved when we call on God,” he added.
Wol urges the people living in IDPs camps as well as the youth, to have forgiving hearts, saying it is common that people can make mistakes.
“Since we have fought among ourselves, it doesn’t mean that we are not one people, we have to forgive one another and move away from the past and then see what the future holds for us as a country,” he said

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