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Sometimes one needs to be real in life. I student cannot be asked to give results of the end term or year examination results when they have not been held and released. It is a sign of forceful demand not accepted in the present world unless something is not being said as it should be said. My take, right now l am in China and will be leaving this country by August 22nd 2019. That is Wednesday next week. I am coming home with goodies in the basket about business collaborations and engagements with like minds. This hard task l got within the busy schedule of studying or learning Chinese language the program which took me to the orient nation for 28 days. Despite this, l met one of us Morris Dagga who eventually introduced me to one of his co-colleague, Victor Onyango whom they are pursuing language studies together. We agreed in principles that since time was not favouring us in all corners, there was need to give our readers back home what was really going on in China from the ground point even if not to cover the entire activities. Before l comes back next week, I am sending these three articles and editorial to give our readers a glance of the Chinese environment. It is something to read and understand because China has come from a closed door or wall policy to opening up to the world. There is need to uphold the trust and the integrity of each player in the economic development to be self-sufficiency in all aspects of life. Not much has or had been practically witnessed from China apart from the grants and offers that are coming through the individual governments. It is time for all of us in this country to be real and do what is expected of each and every one collectively. Being in China, there are openings that need our people to tap. They are hungry and yeaning to interact with the outside world but the barrier or disadvantage is the language and other mode of communications (read my report in separate page). Some people are so selfish that they have had the advantage to be in China but do not want or are not ready to share their experiences including openings for public and private developments. There cannot be another chance or one cannot get same opportunity twice but the truth the Chinese people need to collaborate and cooperate with the outside world including you and the country. The question you need to ask yourself, is how ready and what do you need to get do in the business arena to bring in development to South Sudan whether as an individual or an institution. There is obvious reason(s) to get in touch with the Chinese embassy for further consultations. For me I have made good use of my time in China individually to bring in some goodies to my bosses. I hope they will consider some of my goodies good for our Juba Monitor and in take the first advantage to collaborate with people and institutions in China to get the going and hopefully we shall reach there by God’s grace. It is possible with collective approach and determination. We live in a practical world with a borrowed time.


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