We have missions; then my mission

By Akol Arop Akol

It is a blessing to reach 2021 through God’s protection and love. As there is nothing bigger or greater than life, I have to humble myself and say thanks to the Almighty Father who created it (life) and for sustaining. I give Him Glory for at least standing with people of South Sudan. When it comes to God, I or we don’t have to hesitate or be ignorant to understand life and our existence in this World.

One question that we will never answer correctly is “where did we come from and where are we going?” and are we living for the sake of the Maker? It is not everyone that can understand what life means.

We are here for different missions. I am here in this World to do certain mission’s objectives just like others are also gifted and given their different journeys to walk. Therefore, personally the objectives of my mission include the following. Let me start with my mission in this World as I view myself as a human.

It doesn’t matter if parents get officially married, got impregnated, adopting or adultery means, the children they begot all belong to God and they were not born by accident or without mission or purpose in life.

As I am a born human already, I have come into this World to do something and the main ones are 10.

First, promoting good image of God and that of humanity. The way I live my life and positive words I utter should be smooth and plain because I need to be a man of truth, integrity and responsibility always. This way, I need to promote a good image of what humanity really means and how Natural beauty looks like and be preserved.

Second, I have to inform, educate and socially liberate the vulnerable who are voiceless and hopeless. They need liberty and freedom. That’s my role as a social Activist to bring right for all.

Third, I have to promote peace among mankind and especially in my country. And that’s why I am a peace ambassador; I don’t resort to fighting as means of solving issues. I prefer sitting around table of brotherhood to discuss and solve everything amicably.

Fourth, I have to live a courageous life with strong heart that endures pain, thus; it encourages and empowers others to work hard in life to succeed.

Fifth, I have to discover, promote and utilize my talents to inspire and make others have sense of their abilities, diversity, Nature and beauty of humanity.

Sixth, I have to do social activities that help citizens to have sense of belonging and patriotism, this let them love, respect and defend their people and the country at large.

Seventh, I believe the way I think and feel, I am envisioned to be a role model of the youths and trumpet Blower for change. I also advise and encourage the young people in writings, Arts or spoken words because I need them to realize their abilities like natural talents, learned skills and physical abilities.

When they are educated and empowered, they will know their roles, duties and contributions into country’s development as well as peace building among communities and Nationwide.

Eighth, I have come to add my voice and struggle to call for an end to injustice such that corruption, exploitation of the poor, abuse of power and nepotism should end in order for all men and women to be equally called South Sudanese living fair life together.

Ninth, is being a change maker. Creatively as a Writer and an Artist I summarize my creative works as entrepreneurship. As an Entrepreneur,  I should be a problem solver. And thus, I would use my writing, singing, drawing abilities and creative ideas to find solutions to poverty,  illiteracy, division, youth unemployment which are factors facing my people and forcing them to live a bad life.

Tenth, I have come to inform the lost people to come back to God. I preach messages of peace to my people on media and by this, they would repent and refrain from immoral acts and come to light to live according to how their Creator expects them. Preaching the word of God is like a salt in humans’ souls, without Him there would be no life, peace, happiness or success.

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