We have always been strong

By: Ngor Khot Garang

It is not an easy task to remain strong in a country where people are always in tears.  On the streets is a man talking loudly to himself on how to put food on the table for his children and where to get their school fees.

On the other side is a widow who tried and put her hands on everything just to survive with her children and she is almost giving up.

The children and road beggars who have been forced by country’s crisis to accept street as their home.  When we imagine this kind of life we get to understand that indeed our people are the strongest and resilience people in the whole world.

How did they who have nothing to eat, clothe to wear and a place to sleep manage to still stand tall like those who are a bit okay?  Well, I don’t know what you think but I believe the reason why they are still struggling is that they have not given up hope for a better South Sudan.

The fact that they are still living gives them courage and strong belief that there is more to life than their current situation.

I know within your heart there is something that pains you and makes you feel like giving up is the only resort but the strength you have mustered for all the years should give you the courage to sail along.

We are only human and those feelings are common with us but as South Sudanese though our country is in crisis there are two things we should always be thankful for, “courage and strength.” We have them in abundance but the irony is that for the most part we don’t believe we have them when we are the strongest people around.

I think if we have the slightest awareness of how strong we actually are would fall over in shock.

Some of us have endured the unendurable. We have survived in the face of the most awful times when it would have been better to bid the world a goodbye,  we have picked and braced ourselves up when it would have been so much  easier and comfortable to stay down.

If you are still standing today.  I am happy for you and I want to let you know that you are what constitutes South Sudan.  Even in the hardest times when the media concluded that it is a fragile nation. South Sudanese paid deaf ears and remained strong.

You are as strong as the country itself and we have to sail through no matter how slow the pace is.  We have a beautiful destiny and we have to believe no matter what happens our star will shine.

The best is yet to come and the future is bright because the fact that we are living in this moment of time is a clear justification that things will change.

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