We have a saviour

By:  Akol Arop Akol

When life in this world becomes complicated, we sometimes lose hope. Some lose hope and courage thinking that their problems are bigger than life and nothing will solve them at all.

Despite our despair, there is someone who cares. When we were born and when we become religiously born-again, there was a Helper and protector assigned to look after us. And everywhere we go, He is ready there monitoring what we are doing. When we do evils, He reminds us to be just, righteous and devoted in order to give glory back to the Creator.

Therefore, when we make Jesus Christ the Lord of our lives we shall always live uprightly by being honest, dedicated and realistic in our deeds. In this way, our wrongdoings will be forgiven and we shall receive the blessings of God and at the end, we shall enter the kingdom of God.

When we talk about Kingdom, it is telling us about revelation at the end of the creations. We are told that in the end of the world, there are two places where people will be taken to according to their performances during their life on Earth.

Therefore, we are encouraged and advised to stick to the one that we believed is the way and the bringer of everlasting life.

He is the answerer, and the solver of our problems and the giver of life. In Him we find peace, love, joy, success and comfort.

But without him, life would be miserable. If we turn our backs from God and close our ears from hearing His word, we shall not get any redemption. We cannot expect peace and joy to become a part of our daily lives when we are not acting well towards our fellows and God.

All humans are sent forth to preach the Good-news, to tell the poor that they will be rich in the kingdom of God, to tell the rich that their wealth should be shared with the poor, to call out the criminals out of dark life, to reveal the secretes that take people to God’s kingdom,   to let God’s salvation touch the life of mankind and train the believers to go on as disciples.

For us to walk with the Lord is hard, because we shall be tempted as a test for our faith. Those who took step in the right path, sometimes find obstacles that cannot easily be pushed. This is why many people are losing hope. They grieve without a help because the World and people in it have nothing for supporting them. They feel isolated and conclude with a concept that they were born to suffer. They would put in mind that they can’t be rich nor happy again. This kind of people are the ones Jesus came to help. And looking into our lives, we are facing one or two things that need external support.

 Therefore, He tells us that to get success and happiness, we must carry our crosses and follow Him.

There is no looking back once we decided to be servants of God. We shall not be paid, or rewarded with Earthly things, but there is a banquet ready for those who believe in God.We must not fear to preach the word to reach the whole world. Let us be His committed passengers to obey His commands and we shall always walk in the light.

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