We have a place in this world

By Ngor Khot Garang

Many people feel that they don’t have a place at the dining table or maybe they do not belong here.  We feel rejected and abandoned for one reason or the other. For once, we think that we are poor and secondly, because we do not possess some talents. Someone would stand before the mirror and say “look, am not looking nice, am nobody, am behind in everything, my friend is more gifted than me. God might have mistaken me for somebody else, maybe I don’t belong here”.

These characters are many and it is high time we stop being doubtful. It does not matter how we suffer in this world. What counts is how we react to the problems of life. Our existence in this world is part of God’s plan for humanity and this signifies that we are part of God’s bigger plan regardless of what we are going through in life. God never created us to be losers and we have to be proud of who we are no matter what. The other creatures even the apes feel proud of their existence. God didn’t just work on a piece of clay, breathed a life into it and went to sleep because he was tired. No, that’s not true; God created you like any other person you admire and deposited in you natural gifts that when properly developed can make us successful.

No matter the circumstances surrounding your birth that might have taken your parents by surprise, before you were conceived, God knew you even before you were born and put you in the budget for humanity. It does not matter where you live, where you come from, your family background or situation, you name it. God created you, put you in your body, put you in your world, make you talk the way you do and make you look the way you do, branded you with gifts, potentials and abilities, for a purpose.

You have to find meaning and essence of your life, it doesn’t matter what word were spoken over your life, and it doesn’t matter if you were rejected by your parents, spouse, friends or community. God needs you to carry an assignment that only you can, he needs you to unearth that greater person in you. The one that the world is anxiously waiting for; the one who would put a smile on people faces, the one
who would make people laugh whenever he opens his mouth. The one who can sing, write and do anything he feels like.

No matter what happens, never try to dissuade your inner self that you are not capable of becoming who you have always wanted to be because there is someone out there that needs to listen to your speeches, there is someone who is crazy enough to see you on the television, somebody wants to read your writings, some wants to work in your company, make up your mind and take concrete steps in achieving your desired goals. There is a saying that “You can either be part of a problem or part of the solution”. Now where do you fit in this category, a solution provider or part of the problem?  I think you are a solution provider and you can win in anything you put your hands upon. Today make up your mind and join the race of men and women who are making the world a better place. Don’t just sit down and feel pity for yourself. There is a light ahead of you; I mean a light at the end of a very long tunnel. Reclaim your world and let your light shine.

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