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Dr. Olympio Attipoe, Commissioner-General NRA speaks to the press on June 12 (File: Jale Richard)


By: Peter James Loruba

The Commissioner General of the National Revenue Authority (NRA) has scoffed at reports that the revenue collection body is over taxing traders in Juba.

The traders have been complaining about excessive taxation by government authorities which is negatively affecting their normal operations.

“What is happening in the market is not about National Revenue Authority, we don’t charge and collect rate on people who sell small-small items, it’s rather the issues of the county and the municipality,” Dr. Olympio Attipoe said.

The NRA chief stated that there were three levels of government; the national government, the state government and the local government and every level has a legal mandate to charge certain fees and taxes.

According to Attipoe, there is confusion about who collects what money and the public has fallen prey to this with the people carrying the burden of paying taxes unaware of where their money is taken.

“The major taxes that the National Revenue Authority is mandated to collect is the Pay as you earn, corporate tax or business tax, not the petty traders but registered businesses registered with the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs,” Attipoe clarified.

Local Government Act 2009 section74 states that there are certain taxes, fees and levies that are reserved for the local government (state and the municipality). The law also mandated them to come out with certain levies, taxes which are not in conflict with the national government and those things must come from the parliament or a decree of government.

The NRA Commissioner General said they realised that the institutions just impose rates which should be questioned.

He said the NRA is working on a bill which will define who should collect what kind of taxes.

To ease this tension between the tax collectors and the tax payers, Atippoe said they have initiated a program to come up with a comprehensive taxation for the country and some of the challenges the tax payers are facing will be reflected on the document.

The commissioner was responding to an article published on Juba Monitor Tuesday where traders accused the tax body of over collecting money from them and sought NRA to intervene.

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