We do not pray to steal but our friend did

All the time we pray for our creator the almighty to help us in every situation facing us. In most cases the word come to our mouths when we are in problems. But in rare cases do we ask prayers to be seen to be sinning. This is what happened the other day when our common friend came to us and started imploring the high one to allow him to sin. It was so real that we were taken aback with this kind of behavior and told him off. He wanted to pull a number of us into his sinning scheme. He had this Chinese friend who had just arrived in the country with not yuan, but the currency from the land of troubled Donald Trump, the green paper. This man had come all the way flying through the neighboring Kenya airport Jomo Kenyatta International to Juba International. The yellow-man had been in the country for about two weeks and knew almost every corner because of his loot and was able to go further. His interest in this country was to venture into wildlife sanctuary development. We wanted a local partner and our common friend was ready to be one or among others. We told him how we thought the deal smelt and was not for the good of the country. One, a number ivories and animal parts had found their ways to the far East through the neighboring countries. The extinction of the endangered spices was real that whoever intended to venture in this kind of trade was to be above doubt and vetted accordingly and should not be left to hide under investments at the expense of our rare animals. It has been found out that the numbers of these animals were decreasing daily because; the law is an ass and did not properly cover crime against wild and domestic animal. Imagine a fine of 120 SSP for killing an elephant or being found in possession of animal parts. We told our friend not to jump up to make money but to be the Moses or Joshua of our natural heritage like these animals whose existence were threatened by us collaborating with outsiders. We told our friend that he was going to be a local partner in poaching and killing of our prized animals which did not exist in the land where his so called partner came from. They can only see these animals in zoo or movies. Nothing more. Our friend left without a word vowing to teach this colored a lesson. Whether he did it or not is not for us but we are watching their move. You also be on the lookout for such foreign partners.

By Odongo Odoyo

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