Insecurity is not to be compromised. It is not clear how four internally displaced women, who are supposed to be under safe custody can be kidnapped in broad daylight and disappear into thin air. We do not want to imagine what would be their fate as it stands now but expect tale tells of the worst. We talked about it yesterday and are saying it today. There must be order in security apparatus of the country. Nothing can compromise this highly placed need of the people. The whereabouts of these vulnerable and innocent mothers and sisters who were forced by fate of not their making should be known and known or addressed with proper action taken against the kidnappers. Women and children continue to face untold sufferings even where they are supposed to be safe. Surely we cannot continue to behave to our own kith and kin like wild animals. These women could have been victims of intended sexual abuse which the laws of this country prohibit. It is time we looked into issues of child abuse and abduction seriously and find a lasting solution to the continued ills. No parent would wish to be separated with his or her child at whatever cost unless under abnormal circumstances. The same applies to our relatives and friends who are our key partners in life. The case of the four women kidnapped in Juba must be thoroughly investigated and the culprit (s) whether from which part of the world or which position should not be spared. These sisters were at least under the protection of someone. That someone should come out and tell the country how they left their safe haven for the firewood in the bush. There is valid argument by one of the IDPs leaders in the camp that it is pointless to give food and decline to provide charcoal or what to cook it with forcing the recipients to trek to the nearby bush for firewood and to the hands of the culprits who wait to grab their chance with the defenseless ladies. This is true and much more should be done for the safety of all IDPs irrespective of the gender.


Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo


Three things caught our attention in our usual sitting under our favourite shed of this beautiful tree at lunch time. Although there were breaking news from almost every part of the country talking and preaching peace, most notable was from Yambio, Western Equatoria and Bentiu. They all took form of search for peace in a different manner and different formats. The Yambio one was “respecting human rights will help build peace”.  “Youth in Western Equatoria celebrate peace through sports and the Bentiu which seems very unique and of its own kind. It was titled ‘finding unity in cultural diversity”. Its uniqueness is that it was done by IDPs in the camp. It is unique because these people are tired with life in this camps and wants to regain their normal status among other population of the country. They want to be free to go about their daily chores of building their country without looking back as to who is following them and why. In simple terms, they want freedom and freedom they will get soon because of the initiative taken by the leadership of this country mooted by President Salva Kiir for all inclusive. Peace cannot be brokered through the window but must be done in the open and on top of the table and discussed for the well-being of all. We will continue to drum this point home until those doubting come to their senses and accept that peace is inevitable. Already the team outside there have our blessings as a country to meet and talk sense to those still opposed or thinking otherwise to the reality of achieving this noble goal for the good of the people that whatever they nothing will stop peace from coming back to this country. SaPT did not comment. He had a pressing issue but was afraid to discuss in the presence of others. He pulled me aside and immediately l knew that the man’s pocket needed an emergency rescues from a willing donor. Actually this would be a grant and may be paid back when and if God knows when. Because he is known not to be very friendly with “paying back” his…. Ant it is true he had a cousin of a cousin who is a brother to a cousin and who is.. Sick somewhere around the town and wanted immediate rescue. He had attempted to get extras from an imagined trip with the peace delegation and failed. He had tried to fix a trip to a neighbouring capital under the pretext of official duty and was discovered. This our SaPT and they are many outside there.


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