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We can produce enough –Trade Minister

By Kidega Livingstone

The Minister of Trade, Industry and East African Community Affairs, Paul Mayom Akec said his ministry could produce much in terms of money and products for the government to run its programmes effectively.

His statement came following the meeting with the employees at the Ministry premise where he urged all the workers to be punctual and work hard in order to produce more money that could run the government.

“We want production. We are the productive ministry. We can produce enough for the government to work,” said Mayom.

“From here I am going to meet all the departments at the ministry separately, I will start with the Ministry of East African Community Affairs because it projects our images outside there,” he added.

He said meeting the departments would direct him to know which area needs more effort in order for the ministry to run effectively in terms of manpower and production.

Last month, the Minster Mayom promised to pay 15.1 million dollars as part of the contribution to East African Community bloc.

He said that can be done by engaging relevant institutions in the Ministry to ensure parcel payment for the obligation of the Community.

Hassan Moses Thiel was replaced Mayom through a Presidential decree read on State television, South Sudan Broadcasting Cooperation (SSBC) in August, 2018.

Meanwhile Undersecretary for Trade and Industry, Agak Achuil Lual said that the issue of transport and fuel would be the first priority to be addressed in order for the employees to be punctual at work.

He said some employees come late for work and leave early home that created a lot of gap and more work at the ministry in some of the departments at the Ministry.

He said the new Minister will be oriented by the senior technical officers in all the departments for smooth running of the Ministry.

However, one of the employees who denied his name said that the issue of salary should be addressed because most of the employees earn little that cannot sustain a living.



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