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We are still Young Nation

By David Gaaniko Daniel


I am tired of hearing the word “we are still a young nation”, we are still young and we kill ourselves? How can a young person rape an old woman? How can a young person rob people’s properties on the road? How can a young person rape girls in Jebel and UNIMISS? How can a small baby of 5 years old continue living in a hotel for more than ten years? Where does s/he get the money to pay the bills of the hotel? How can a young person kill his sister or brother? How can a young person involve himself in corruption and nepotism? These are the shameless words failing our country South Sudan. Every time you tune on the radio you hear our leaders shamelessly say we are still a young nation while they continue
smuggling millions of dollars to foreigner countries, their children are comfortable while the poor folks are here suffering and sleeping hungry every day.

Instead of building the country they go ahead to sing that we are still young while thousands of civilian are seeking refuge in the UN camps and hundred are starving to death and you are watching that we are still a young nation.

Civilians are fleeing the country for their safety to neighboring countries and the leaders are watching and singing that we are still a young nation, all the roads are blocked across South Sudan. For us to implement the peace agreement so that poor civilians have access to food and to freely move from one place to another we should say no to war and that peace is better, peace is the way because we are still a young nation.

No electricity in Juba Teaching hospital and patients are doing day and night the country cannot exert more effort because it’s still a young nation! the economic situation of the country is deteriorating every day, the prices of the commodities in the market have gone very high to the extent that the poor civil servant cannot afford a single meal per day and children are dropping out of school because of lack of money to pay their tuition fee and we say, we are still a young nation.

Inflation is chopping down the country and for us to bring in a competent person to handle the ministry of finance, and a governor for the Central Bank, we keep on rotating old ministers who have previously failed to provide services in the previous ministries because we are the young nation. A civil servant goes for more than three months without salary and teachers go on strike demanding their pay and we keep watching them because we are still a young nation we cannot provide for their needs.

It’s very difficult to move in Juba at night because of insecurity, children are bagging on the street including old women, that is the culture which was not there before but conditions have forced them to do that. Juba City used to be full of people nowa days, it’s the opposite; people are fleeing the country day and night because of security issues. Hundreds of South Sudanese are stranded at Nimule Boarder. They have nowhere to go while their country is full of resources which are supposed to be exploited in a good way, but the leaders keep on singing “We are a young nation”.

Journalist are arrested, bitten and tortured because of their opinions, media houses are being threaten to shut them so that they don’t talk about the situation in the country. People do not sleep at night because of the gun shots around Juba, the number of thefts are increasing every day and bodies are all over the city, Juba mortuary is full of bodies, unknown gunmen are everywhere and the government always says we will bring them to book, if that book were there, it would have been filled up long time ago.

Committees are formed every day to investigate issues of crime but at the end no outcome, cases are piled in court and the prison is full of imamates waiting to be tried yet we have many judges who are graduates rotating around the city because of lack of employment…………… Oh God! Come save this young nation to grow up quickly.

David Gaaniko is a Columnist with Juba Monitor Newspaper and can be reach @


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