We are one People

By Junubni Santo

South Sudanese we are one people

United by color, history and geography

We cannot change where we came from

And cannot rewrite the history of our country

South Sudan is a home of peace in the past

A home of black people who love themselves

Time has come when we were tempted

And the disasters spread us into world parts

We longed for one another, how can we meet?

We have gone through the pain, beaten by rain

Let’s ask ourselves, can continue the pain?

No enough is enough, the past has gone

We must make use of the present

To decide how we shall be in the future

We need to be superior and prosperous

But have we opened our ears and eyes

World is there running, developing

Here we are scrawling, competing for nothing

If we can listen, let me say, leave the war

Fighting will destroy us more and more

Reconciliation is the medicine for sick nation

Are we sick of what? Hatred and favourism

Resources belong to us, they are indigenous

As citizens we have the voice, to talk

Taste everything that is of our land

If little, it must be putt in plate and share

We have heard about the gold, where is it all

Our land is rich with soil, animals and water

Are we utilizing resources, are we cultivating

Richness is just a name we are called with

Yet our stomachs are empty, what is wrong

Who is harvesting our ripen crops

Who is benefiting from the forest?

See the grass we burn, the trees we cut

Can earn us a life equally and sufficiently

For us to taste the fruits of freedom

We must not fight but try to unite

Our unification is our power

Let is unity as one people for one reason

To be peaceful and successful people

In the world, we shall have great country

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