We are not just women- Ajiith

(L-R) Josephine Achiro former Manager of Bakhita radio, Anna Nimiriano Editor-In Chief of Juba Monitor and Mary Ajiith Chairperson of Association of Media development in South Sudan (AMDISS) during the celebration/ photo: Livingstone Kidega )

By Kidega Livingstone

Women especially female journalists are capable to do the same jobs men do when given a chance to education, Mary Ajiith the Chairperson of the Association of Media Development in South Sudan said.

“We are very excited as the media in South Sudan especially as female journalists because Ann Nimirino did get an award in South Sudan at international level that really make us proud because we are not just women the way people think in the communities,” Ajiith said during a thanksgiving celebration for the media award won by Anna.

“If Ann was to be married with twenty or ten  cows you would have  eaten and finished  those cows but you  have allowed her to study   and today you have seen the proved that we can do something as women,” she told parents who don’t care about girl child education.

She said that women journalists were proud of Anna who put the name of South Sudanese women in the International scene.

“Women should be empowered and given a chance to work. Anna Nimiriano is not only the daughter to Mad’i community and the family but she is South Sudanese woman. They should me supported so that we shall continue to empower others,” Ajiith emphasized.

‘When it comes to media the award was covered by all the media in the World so even if there was no any invited government officials here but the International community were excited that the country they are working in has been represented at international level because the award was not only recolonized in Africa but the whole world,” said Ajiith.

“We journalists we are very happy to celebrate Anna .this tell the Mad’i community and other communities in the country not to ignore their girl child,” she added.

James Magok Chilim Managing Director South Sudan Broadcasting Cooperation (SSBC) who was the only government representative said the awards was not for Anna but for South Sudan as a nation.

“Journalism is not an easy job but Anna and other female journalists have committed themselves and this show that women can do better than men,” James said.

“Anna is the head of Juba Monitor meaning that she has already put on the shoes of our hero late Alfred Taban,” he added.

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