We are in the same condition

By Akol Arop Akol

Hard and good times that last for long are not easily forgotten. Sorrows can be replaced with joy and life may go on enjoyably. That is what every human being wants. Another thing is failure, which makes people impotent and leads to antagonism.

One will realise that there were worthy relatives, friends and property after they dispel. Life is not equal and will never be the same. If the Supernatural bodies separated in Heaven and became (God and Satan), the same hunger for power is in humans’ hearts.

Humans are never contented. They compete for desires but, never satisfied. They want more than what they have. They blame God and want to defame others. Some creatures may say they are not gifted or created like the rest. Are we not the same?

God would be mistaken if He made others with two heads or four hands. We have hands unless someone was born with some disabilities but still God has purposes and plans for those kinds of people. If God created and gave vision to everyone, what makes us collide with our life walk-mates?

When hatred and criticism divide people in times of trouble, the victims would say that survivors are the root causes. When people are all blissful, there is nothing that brings confusion. The world of today is different.

The rich ones run away from the crying poor people because they may remind them of hardships of past life. Instead of poor associating and peacefully ask something from the fortunate ones, they go silly, angry and jealousy burns in them like a wild fire.

I know it myself because I have imagined and heard many times that the condition has transformed white-hearts into darkness. People are like running frantic towards one another. The high classes (figures) seem to be nimble in disparaging the lower class. And the minor ones developed creepy thoughts and feelings towards successful ones.

These days when someone is drying expensive car or dressing decently, people would be wondering where that person gets things from while everyone is already complaining of crisis. Someone may be taking expensive alcohol while a poor searches for pure drinking water.

Someone could be dying-hard to get a small MTN phone compared with the one who owns three smartphones at a time. This brings imaginations that some people are benefiting more in the country, which is not correct. No one is rid of sorrow caused by costly living standard.

There is no one who has completely or successfully escaped from this country’s problems whether rich or poor. Those rich people may lack something though little like needle. They get insults and excuses that are faults.

The Owl has big eyes and known by its magic, but it never gets comfortable or peaceful because other birds keep embarrassing and chastening it. It educates us to be patient and just watch those greedy and corrupt ones smuggling our money and resources.

Anyone practicing inequality will cross his or her cross when the judgment day comes. In this country, the working and unemployed civilians are almost in the same boat. If someone is digging holes (pits) inside, then later water will leak in and the boat will sink, if we don’t know how to swim then we should not blindly play, otherwise we may drown.

Prospered people must not feel proud or arrogant. If they do, then they should know that the world is round. Chances come and go. Today is for one; tomorrow will be for someone else. And imagine, you may be next to your neighbour who always comes to ask for help. Will you be happy giving when there is no another hand coming.

Assumption is destruction. Not everyone is a thief or corrupt. This is what many of us say. Some are determined. They wisely think, work and the result is always success. Those we are seeing living luxurious life are toilers who sacrificed their time and physical energy to utilise their talents and skills.

And to know that life is unfair, the rich don’t want the poor and the superiors want to exercise their powers over minority (powerless). Having differences in terms of life style is not only in South Sudan. It is everywhere. If people are to be equal all, the world will either positively or negatively revolve. Looking at others who succeed with red eyes and evil hearts will block our future and enforce curses on us. Better, praise them and share experience such that we adopt the steps they have taken all along.

We are all born to live the way that makes us and God happy. No need for greediness or jealousy. At this critical time, let us turn our eyes away from brothers and sisters who are above us. Your time will come and things you wish will come to pass.

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