We are happy for the release of our son-Kerbino’s family

By: Kitab A Unabgo

The family of a businessman Kerbino Agok Wol who was released over the weekend from prison have expressed gratitude to the government for pardoning their son.

Kerbino who was sentenced to 13 years imprisonment was pardoned last week by President Salva Kiir together with 29 other prisoners including activist, Peter Biar Ajak.

Kerbino, a former child soldier turned businessman, was found guilty by the high court in Juba of violating, among others, section 67, 72, 79 and  47 of South Sudan Penal Code, 2008.

Speaking to Juba Monitor on behalf of the family, Lazarus Akoon Agok Wool said the President’s move was a justification of his interest to bring lasting peace to the nation.

“We are thankful to President Salva Kiir Mayardit for having ordered the release of some inmates across the country including my elder brother Kerbino Wol. The families in particular are extremely happy and we lack words to express our happiness,” he added.

After spending close to seven months in Juba Central Prisons, Akoon said they would subject Kerbino’s health to intensive medical service though his general condition was relatively okay.

“He is physically okay but he complained of minor body pains which I think we will take him to medical care and he will fully recover,” Akoon said.

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