We are founded and originated from Rejaf

By: Aloisio Emor Ojetuk

On 21st September 2019, the Catholic Archdiocese of Juba organized Centenary celebration for the Catholic Diocese of Torit, Yei and Catholic Church in Amadi State. The Catholic Diocese of Torit, Yei and Catholic faithful in Amadi came in big number and attended the celebration at all Saints Parish Rejaf. It was a very colorful celebration as the faithful sung songs in their various languages. During the homily and speeches, the Archbishop Paulino Lukudu, Auxiliary Bishop Santo Laku Pio and the main celebrant Bishop Erkolano Lado Tombe all gave consistent message that, the Diocese of Torit, Yei and Catholic Church in Amadi state were formed and originated from Rejaf. From the Hymnal booklet of the mass the following quotations were extracted.

1. “I welcome you today to all Saints Parish Rejaf   east to celebrate together with our Catholic Dioceses of Torit and Yei. Our history has indicated clearly that our faith started from this ground of Rejaf, where we are today 100 years ago.

2. “The fact that we are three catholic Dioceses today praying together, we are now in several Administrative units, no more one as before. This indicates that we have grown more faith and number than 100 years ago.

3. “Your lordship Bishop Erkulano Ladu Tombe, today Torit is here and Yei is here. We ask you to pray for us in this celebration that God may bless our Dioceses, amen.”

According to the Catholic Church, when an Archbishop attains the age of 75, he has to step down. Archbishop Paulino Lukudu Loro has reached the age of 75 years or more. The Vatican was obliged to retire him and find a replacement. The replacement was found to be Archbishop Stephen Ameyu. Some voices criticized the appointment and pronounced rejection. Why reject us now and yet you invited us and loved us at the Centenary celebration? Why this hypocrisy? Nevertheless, Rome has spoken. One Rome has spoken; no devil or evil can stand on its way.

  • Bishop Erkalano Ladu Tombe was appointed Bishop of Diocese of Yei. Some people from Yei were against it. But Bishop Erkulano Ladu Tombe is still the Bishop and ordinary of the Catholic Diocese of Yei.
  • In 1958, I was given the sacrament of confirmation by Bishop Sisto Mazzoldi who was the bishop of Juba at that time. Who among you rejected the appointment?
  • In 1964, the Italian missionaries were expelled from the Sudan. Bishop Ireneo Wien Dut became the Bishop and ordinary of the diocese of Juba. Bishop Ireneo Wien Dut is a Jur (Luo) from Wau. Who among you did oppose his appointment?
  • Bishop Mosularie was the Bishop of Rumbek Diocese. What was your comment? Was he from Rumbek?
  • Cardinal Gabriel Zuber Wako has been the Archbishop of Khartoum. Did he come from north?
  • In neighboring Uganda, the Archbishop of Gulu His Grace John Baptist Odama is from Arua and not from Acholi region.
  • Name it the list is long. Be mindful that Catholic Church is a universal church as the apostle creed says and quote “I believe in one Catholic and apostle church—-. Unless one is a Diocesan priest, you can be sent to any corner of the world to preach the gospel of God.

Take note that we are coming. You like or not. Our coming will be more than our attendance during the Centenary celebration held on 21st September 2019 and 1st November 2019 respectively.

Thanks for reading, I am a faithful Catholic

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