Editorial and commentary


With Odongo Odoyo

I want to take this opportunity to humbly thank those friends and professional colleagues who have been calling, wanting to know how “uncle”, our Yaba Alfred Taban is doing. We can assure you that uncle is on recovery road and all of you out there we need to continue putting him in our daily prayers. God is the best doctor. Those who came with different suggestion on how to assist in the pending hospital bill, your suggestions are welcomed. In Juba Monitor, a committee for this purpose has been formed to organize how funds could be raised to assist in paying off the bill which continues to increase or grow day by day. As we continue to pray for Yaba, let us put in mind who this man has been in the country before and during the liberation struggle. He has also been the kin-pin of the media industry and critic of its gagging then. There are many un-sang heroes and heroines still now and then. We are asking friends in and across the borders to come forward and help the Alfred’s family and the Juba Monitor fraternity move forward in off-setting the hospital bill. For the media industry and professional colleagues. It is time to be in solidarity with one of us who has been in the forefront helping in shaping the destiny of journalists in and around the country. It is not the time to heap praise, but truly praises are due because the doyen of journalism in this country is lying in hospital bed right now unable to continue with his mentorship of the younger professional colleagues. We are all praying that he comes out of this hospital bed sooner than later to continue with his work. For Doggy Isaac and Moses Yasin, your concern and plan of actions are understood. Just need to coordinate with the said committee for effective representation. The board of directors and management of Juba Monitor, we have to stand strong and pray like we have always been doing, one family, for Yaba to recover immediately. A time like this there should be nobody to divide us because it is a time like this that the devil penetrate in the midst and start preaching hatred and sending all kinds of divisive voices for the willing ears to hear. This is what should be avoided as plans to raise funds are being put in place. I wish to quote just one word “be thankful to GOD that your name was on the wake up list today. Don’t take life for granted” Good morning everyone and be righteous in every situation. With peace, love and unity, we are the winners of all battles. Let us all pray for Yaba Alfred Taban to come out of the hospital and let us assist in raising funds for the hospital bill. God bless you all.

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