Wau Governor’s Views on National Dialogue Process

Dear readers, welcome to your weekly National Dialogue page which brings you public opinions and insights of the people of South Sudan on how to achieve peace in the country.

Juba Monitor caught up with the state Governor in an interview on the National Dialogue Process.

Angelo Taban Biajo is the Governor of Wau state. He expressed his opinion on nationwide consultation process on how to resolve the conflict and bring peace to the nation.

  • This national will help us to achieve peace in South Sudan.
  • It is the right time for those who are out of the country to come and tell their problems.
  • There is no need to continue with armed conflict.

By Moses Gum Degur

The governor of Wau state said the National Dialogue is the step to concede the persistent conflict in the country.

In an interview with Juba Monitor, Angelo Taban Biajo, the governor of Wau state said that the ongoing consultation would help the people achieve peace and harmony if all are committed.

“This national dialogue will help us to achieve peace in South Sudan if we are committed. If we want to succeed in this forum there is need to continue working hard for peace to return to the nation; and that all parties should desist from armed conflict which he described as having no meaning to the people of the country. There is no meaning in this war”, he said.

Governor Biajo said the National Dialogue would be the only chance for those who are outside the country to come home and tell their problems to all people in open forums.

He said to succeed in dialogue is when all come together, talk and express their views and falsify way for peace to end the unrelenting conflict in the country.

“The process of reconciliation should include all parties and the local grassroots people to give their testimonies and forgive one another. This will give a breathing space for superfluous consultation among the people of this nation to reach a dispensation.

“This national dialogue will help us to achieve peace in South Sudan. It is the right time for those who are out to come and tell their problems”.

“There is no need to continue with armed conflict. It has no meaning. The solution is for people to talk and express themselves in an open conference. Our People should sit and talk and say enough is enough”, Governor Biajo added.

Biajo said most people in Wau state are accepting the National Dialogue process with the hope to resolve their problem to end the suffering.

He said those who have been forced by war to leave their homes should now use this chance to return and join the process of peace and reconciliation.

Mr. Biajo told those with problems best known to them to present their complaints to the dialogue committee since every citizen of South Sudan Voice is important.

He appealed to majority of the population who fled their residents due to upsurge and seek shelter at PoCs are free to return to their respective homes and begin a process of peace and reconciliation.

He said that as a result of the National Dialogue process and the declaration of ceasefire, many armed opposition forces in the state have pledged allegiance, accepted the amnesty and joined the process of peace.

“Most of the opposition forces are now coming to join the government as part of the ongoing consultation. It is meaningless to fight again since people are for dialogue,” he said.

“My message is that let us continue with the effort of national dialogue. It is the only way for us to express our feeling,” he complimented.

Governor urged the opposition groups to lay down weapons and join the National Dialogue Process.

He called on all the people of South Sudan to lay off their mistakes and accept one another as the only means of returning hope in the country.




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