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Wau governor relieves eight commissioners and town mayor

Those relieved include, Francis Ibrahim Partrico Commissioner of Besselia, Taban John Guu of Bagari, Barjuok Ucu Kiuc of Kwajina and Peter Dwai Uyu of  Roc-Roc Dong.

The four Commissioners were again re-appointed back to their positions respectively.

Governor Angelo Taban also relieved Mel Aleu Goc Commissioner of Marial-Bai and replaced him with Santino Manut Akec who was a deputy Mayor, Marko Dut Upieu of Udic, replaced with James Akauar Agau, Zackaria Aleu Awet of  Kangi replaced with Santino Aleu Ajang, Michael Ricardo Ugali Commissioner of Kpaile County  replaced with George Peter Musa.

The Governor also relieved  Wau town Mayor along with her two deputies Celestina Livio Gelego Bahara and replaced her with Hassan Ngor Aguer, Aldo Udo Upieu deputy for administration and Finance was replaced with Elizabeth Mario and  Santino Manut Akec who become a Commissioner of Marial Bai was replaced with Philip Deng Ulak for Lands.


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