By Ngor Khot Garang [Guest]

There are so many ways God can bless a country and it is upon the people to choose what to do with those resources. This explains why countries without oil are successful and democratic. In most cases, oil can be a curse when it is not used for the betterment of all and the sundry. I don’t want to miss the point, let us leave oil aside. Of course, you cannot live without oil. From the phones we use to the car you drive. These are all the products of oil. When you take oil out, there is no doubt you have wiped out humanity. Over the years, oil has continued to cause conflict and it is not just oil, it is money that comes with it. Oil weakens the weak, public, the rightful owners and elevates the political elites, servants. The dollar that the country get from this mineral can both develop the country forever and improve the livelihood of the people but it has been the reverse. Authoritarian leaders have used this privilege to infringe on public order and constitutionalized systemic corruption. Water on the hand is unseen side of oil. There is no doubt, life revolves around water. You cannot live without it. You can take out life and the world will go dark. The water we have as a country is enough to generate revenue as high as the one, we collect from oil. Who knows what will happen in the next 20 years? There is no wonder Uganda may come out and say we need this amount of money for the Nile water to pass through South Sudan and failure to do so will be met with a lofty prize. What would you call it, a slap in the face? What about the mayhem between Ethiopia and Egypt? These two great countries should have been friends but that is almost impossible because of the Nile. There is need for the South Sudanese government to crack the nut or to take a lot from the water than the water to take from it. If the government decides to pass water pipes everywhere and get the people pay for it, imagine the money they will make in a day. This money will not leave the country but it will be used by the government to fund other developmental projects. If you take your calculator now and calculate the dollars we lose daily from water, you will either think the calculator is mad or we really don’t know what we are doing as South Sudanese. Let us think about this lose and don’t let me be a liar 30 years from now. Check on me if we live long enough.  

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